How to Clean Your Kitchen’s Cupboards and Drawers (Once and For All!)

White_kitchen_with_cabinet_doors_and_drawers_opened_or_removed_so_that_real-life_stuff_can_be_seen_in_cabinetsYour kitchen cupboards serve as storage for some of the cleanest items in your home. Clean plates, fresh foods and sparkling glass cups are just a few of the items you might find in there, which leaves us with a question. How do they get so dirty?

The doors can wind up coated with fingerprints and smudges, and the interiors are suddenly a thriving community of dust, crumbs and mysterious items that you’d rather not label. Once you go through the process of wiping off shelves and restoring order to the disaster zone, follow these tips to keep everything in top shape:

Upgrade to Glass
One common problem is that powders can seep out of bags and cardboard boxes. This is why cabinets with flour, sugar, and other mixes can wind up looking like a complete disaster. Boxes of spaghetti and noodles may not seal tightly, and the pasta can fall out when the box is picked up. When it comes to storing these staples, consider placing them in airtight plastic jars or bottles. Your food will stay fresh, the cabinet will be easier to clean, and everything will look more organized.

Find the Right Cleaning Solutions

In addition to wiping out the cabinets on a regular basis, you also need to clean the door facings to remove fingerprints and dust. A mixture of vinegar and water will remove any greasy residue without harming the wood or painted finish. Wipe the cabinets down afterwards with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth.

Faster Crumb Removal

When you do have a little spill in the cabinet or refrigerator, reach for the vacuum. You can use the wand on your vacuum cleaner to handle all types of dry spills such as flour in the pantry or shredded cheese in the refrigerator. Use microfiber cloths for most quick cleanups. They’re ideal for gathering up most crumbs, dirt and other particles. Just rinse the cloth to dampen it and then wipe down the cabinet inside and out to make them look great again.

Lining the Tops of the Cabinets
The tops of your cabinets become incredibly dirty, and they’re nearly impossible to clean. You can avoid this hassle by simply lining the tops of your cabinets with wax paper. The paper will sit in place and collect the dust that settles in this area. Once a month, when you clean the tops of the cabinets, you can simply throw out the wax paper and then put down a fresh liner.

Call the Pros

You want to have a clean kitchen, but you may not have the time to scrub down all the surfaces on your own. Following these tips will help you keep the space somewhat clean, but you may want to call in the professionals to deep clean the space from top to bottom.

We offer customized services, so you can have us clean out the cabinet interiors, organize the space, and get the exterior completely clean. Call 1st Class Cleaning today to schedule an appointment and let us make your kitchen look its best!

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