How To Clean Your House After a Renovation Project

How to Clean Your House After a Renovation ProjectRenovations are extremely exciting. You love watching your home take on a new shape as your dreams are brought to life, but renovations bring more than just a fresh look. They also bring debris and a fine dust that settles over everything in the home. There’s no escaping, and even the best contractors may not clean it all up. This leaves it up to you to tackle this dusty problem and ensure that your home is truly clean after the construction crews leave.

Start with the Air Filters

It may surprise you, but the best place to start is with the air filter to your HVAC system. The filters are made to catch airborne dust, and they’re very effective at their job. Normally, you replace the filters monthly. You can be sure that your existing one is clogged after the renovations, so change it right away. Buy an extra so you can change it again after you finish cleaning the house.

Largest Mess First

You would normally start at the top and work your way down, but this may not feel right if there are visible piles of dust in the room. Start by cleaning up the largest messes. You can avoid kicking dust into the air by using a spray bottle to gently mist a little water on the floor. You don’t want to soak the floor, but the extra moisture will prevent you from scattering the dust and sending it into the air.

Top to Bottom

Now that the floors are halfway clean, you’re ready to resume the traditional method of cleaning from the top down. Wipe off the tops of doorframes, around curtain rods and along pictures. Use a damp rag to collect the dust and prevent it from spreading. With the accessories clean, you’re ready to get clean water and wash the walls and baseboards down. Finally, use appropriate cleaners to wipe off hard furniture, polish leather or vacuum upholstery. Don’t forget ceiling fans and lights during this process.

Vacuum and Mop

The floors will pick up a little more dirt while you’re cleaning the rest of the room, and that’s to be expected. When the walls and the rest of the room are clean, give the floor the scrubbing it needs. Move furniture to reach underneath, and get into the corners. As you work, look for spots that you missed. You should vacuum the floor a few times to pull up as much dust as possible, and mop the hard surfaces to remove dust.

The Little Areas

Finally, go back and look at the spots that are often neglected. This includes heating registers, around light switches and in the corners of the windows. Remove the grates from ducts to give them a good cleaning. Use the wand from the vacuum to clean the inside of the ductwork.

When you have the home renovated, you expect the construction company to clean everything and leave it perfect. However, their definition of clean probably won’t match yours. You don’t want to live with the dust that’s coating the walls or has drifted into your heat vents, but you may not have the desire to sponge off walls either. That’s why 1st Class Cleaning offers construction cleanup services. We’ll remove the dust so that you won’t have to. Contact us today to schedule your construction cleanup and let us get rid of that renovation mess for you.

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