How to Clean Your Apartment Fast

Tidy Apartment

It is possible to clean even a large apartment quickly with the right strategy. The first step is having a layout of your apartment. You can plan how to work your way around each room until the last room is reached to ensure every spot is covered.

Here are some simple rules to abide by when cleaning your apartment:

• Clean from top to bottom, then vacuum. Dust falling across the room will only make it harder for you to finish and keep you in a vicious cycle of cleaning if you don’t save your vacuum for the end.
• Don’t clean something after it’s been cleaned. If you aren’t sure that a surface is clean, you can rub it with your finger. If it feels clean, it is. You should then move on to the next task to make the most of your cleaning time.
• Divide the cleaning chores into daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal to have an effective schedule that prevents any last minute rush.
• Follow the same routine. Establishing a sense of normalcy allows for maintenance, rather than rushed, cleaning.


The number of cleaners that are efficient is surprisingly few. There are many options available to consumers, but there’s plenty you can clean with that you already have at home. First, you will need an all-purpose cleaner. If you don’t have one, you can use two tablespoons or so of a mild dishwashing detergent in about two cups of water in a spray bottle for a clean that is just as effective.

For the most bare bones cleaning kit, you’ll need a mild abrasive, a glass cleaner, rubber gloves, white cloths that are free of lint and a scrub brush.

If you are going to buy a cleaner, you should only buy as much as you’ll need for the month, since some will lose their effectiveness if stored for too long. They should always be kept in their original boxes or containers and should never be mixed. Mixing chlorine and ammonia, for example, creates chlorine gas, which is both noxious and explosive.

It should be noted, the cleansers should always be stored well out of the reach each of children and pets.

If you’re going to make the most of what you already have around your home rather than store bough products, there are some odd items that make for incredibly effective cleaning:

Vinegar: Vinegar is not only useful in cooking, it’s cleaning capabilities are a great reason to buy a gallon jug instead of a small bottle on your next visit to the supermarket. Diluting vinegar in water and using old newspaper can bring a clean to your windows and glass that would rival brand name window cleaners.
Lemon: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But what to do with the lemon once it’s been used to create a refreshing treat? Simple, kill odors in your garbage disposal by taking half of a used lemon, dropping it into the disposal, and flip the switch to grind up the lemon rind.
Baking Soda: Not only can baking soda make for simple volcano science fair projects, it can do some amazing things to fight strong areas of mold concentration that the vinegar method may not be able to solve. Simply mix it in with warm water to create a paste and dab it on the affected area. Leave overnight and remove with a damp cloth or paper towel.
Salt: If your oven is looking a little worn down, or has some caked on grease and stains, revitalize it by using a palmful of salt on the area and a brillow pad to scrape away the offending caked on grime.

The Kitchen
Tidy Apartment

Wipe up all spills at once and wash the pots and pans right after they’re used. Avoid harsh scouring pads and steel wool, which will scratch even stone surfaces. The kitchen sink should be wiped from top to bottom with a mildly abrasive cleanser and a soft cloth. The cabinets and walls should also be wiped, as should the large and small appliances. Before the floor is mopped, it should be well swept or vacuumed. Wet areas should be blot dried. The mopping should start at the farthest corner from the kitchen entrance and mopped backward. The bucket of soap and water should be kept on a dry place on the floor. Whenever the mop is dipped in it should be wrung out so it’s not sopping wet.

Other Rooms

To reiterate, rooms should be cleaned from top to bottom, starting at the farthest corner. Feather dusters can be used to knock down cobwebs as well as dust furniture, window frames and lampshades. Some people rap the duster on the side of a piece of furniture to let the dust fall to the floor, where it can then be vacuumed up. Some people use the dust brush tool on the vacuum to clean walls, ceilings and baseboards. Again, the apartment owner should work their way around the room and out of it.

Other, less regular cleaning tasks are wiping down the insides and outsides of garbage cans, dusting fans, wiping telephones, flushing drains, buffing masonry and wood floors and doing the laundry.

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