How to Clean Up Greasy Messes Naturally

cleaning with vinegarHave you ever had those days when you look down on your shirt or pants only to find an unsightly grease stain—and of course, you have no idea where it came from? It could have come from that greasy slice of pizza you had during lunch or perhaps it came form your washer. The best way to remove a grease stain is to apply a cleaner onto the stain while it’s still fresh.

Sometimes, your job can make your clothes prone to getting more oil stains than they would usually be susceptible to. That can actually have a ripple effect as the grease can dirty your washer/dryer over time and in return, dirty other clothes. The following are some methods you can use to remove grease stains.

Salt it Away

If you or your guest dropped some potato chips on your living room carpet while watching Saturday night football, not to worry! Just apply a mixture of a 1:4 ratio of salt and rubbing alcohol to the area. Be sure to rub the combination in the direction of the rug’s natural orientation.

Rub with Cornstarch

You can use cornstarch for more than just cooking. Just pour some onto a soft cloth and rub it onto the grease spot gently until it’s gone. It’s also ideal for removing grease stains from carpet. Just let it settle on a stained carpet for a few hours before vacuuming it off.

Write on the Stain

… With chalk, that is. Similar to the use of baking power, you can use a chalk stick to rub on an oil stain and let it sit on the stained piece of clothing or greasy linens before removing the excess. You can even apply it onto the stained area of a garment before placing it in the washing machine.

Bust out the Baking Soda

Yes, again, this miracle worker even works on grease stains. Start off by wetting the stain with some water and then add some baking soda. Use a damp sponge or towel to rub it off. You can even add baking soda to your dishwasher soap and get rid of pesky stains on your dishes.

Apply Baby Powder

No one said baby powder could only be used on babies. It is often utilized as a replacement for dry shampoo to get rid of oily hair, so why not use it on grease stains? Just dab some powder directly onto the stain and rub it in sufficiently. Then, just brush off any leftover powder, and reapply until the area is clean.

Pour on Club Soda

You may be cooking with oil and end up having more left over on your cooking appliances. If you have stained pots and pans, pour on some club soda while they’re still warm. It’ll stop the stains from sticking on to your dishes and it’ll remove them.

For Those Extra Tough-to-Remove Stains…

Call in some extra help! Sometimes, you might have left a grease stain sitting on your carpet or furniture for too long and simply just can’t remove it on your own. Just call 1st Class Cleaning and our cleaning experts will get those stains out in no time—along with leaving the rest of your place oozing cleanliness.


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