How to Clean NYC Apartment Windows

building-690721_640Apartment buildings in New York City rise above the street to give people a soaring view of the area. While you may enjoy looking out of the windows at the passersby below, the fingerprints, dust, and dirt on those windows can block your view and become a source of irritation. Cleaning the windows can easily turn into a major chore, or you can make it a quick and simple affair. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your windows to let the sunshine in.

Recycle and Clean

Rather than tossing your old newspapers in the garbage, save them for when you clean the windows. After spraying your cleaner on the surface, wad up a single sheet of newspaper and use it to wipe off the cleaner. Your windows will be free of streaks and looking great. Be sure to wear plastic gloves when following this method to avoid getting your hands black with news ink.

Do it Like the Pros

Another option is to clean like a true professional. With this method, you’ll need a few basic supplies: a bucket, cleaning rag, lint-free cloth, chamois, and squeegee. Start out by filling the bucket about halfway with water and then squirt in a little dish soap. Just a few drops will work effectively and it’ll still be easy to clean.

Next, rub the solution around the window with your rag, and then remove it with the squeegee. After each stroke, use a dry, lint-free rag to clean off the squeegee. Finally, address all the little drips and dribbles with a clean chamois. You’ll love how the windows shine, and you won’t have to worry about streaks. This method is particularly effective for cleaning the difficult exteriors of windows.

Focus on the Exteriors

If you can open your windows to have some access to the exterior, then look for tools with long handles. Squeegee and strip applicators are available with long handles, which make it easier and safer for you to clean the windows. If you have sliding windows that can be lifted out or double-hung windows that can be angled into the room, even better! You can also find window-cleaning kits that use magnets to effectively rub the outside of the glass from the inside of the room.

Leave it to the Experts

Another option is to let a skilled team of professionals handle the windows. Cleaning the exterior of your apartment windows can be tedious, time consuming, and dangerous. You not only need the right tools on hand, but you must also find space to store the buckets, squeegees, and other supplies.

When you work with a team like 1st Class Cleaning, you don’t have to fret the inconveniences tied to making your windows shine, or having to own any of the required cleaning supplies. You can leave that to us.

 High-caliber Cleaning is a Call Away

With our help, your windows will get the sparkle without you having to touch a newspaper or fill a bucket. We offer services throughout the city, so call 1st Class Cleaning today for your appointment!

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