How to Clean and Wax Wood Floors for Maximum Shine in Your Brooklyn Home

How to Clean and Wax Wood Floors for Maximum Shine in Your Brooklyn HomeA shining wood floor is a thing of beauty, but it takes time to maintain that shine. While wood floors are more attractive than carpet and are considered an upgrade to your Brooklyn loft, achieving that shine can be a little time consuming. Follow these tips to make the floor look great without spending all of your free time polishing the wood.

Sweep Away Dust

Start by sweeping away the dust. As you move across the room, shift furniture to get under legs and lift the edge of carpets. If you’re waxing the floor, you’ll want to move the furniture out of the way. Continue sweeping until you’ve picked up most of the lint, dust and dirt form the floor. If you have a vacuum that’s safe for hardwood, you can use it to pull up the debris without scratching the floor.

Clean the Surface

Mop the floor with an approved cleaner. Prefinished floors have a polyurethane finish that is damaged by Murphy’s Oil Soap and other cleaners, so use only what’s approved by the manufacturer of your flooring. Most floors with a wax finish can be mopped with water that has a little all-purpose cleaner mixed in. Use this solution to mop the floor and remove any residual dirt or stains.

Lemon Oil for Older Floors

If your floor is older and losing the polyurethane protective finish, the lemon oil is excellent for polishing the wood. It will soak in the lemon oil and start to shine beautifully. Apply the oil liberally and spread it around with a damp mop. Let it soak in for several hours before returning with a dust mop and polishing off the excess lemon oil. Not only will the floor shine, but the wood will also be nourished and protected.

Serious Shine for Prefinished Floors

If your floor has a great polyurethane finish on it, then you want to add a little more shine with products like Holloway House’s floor finish. This is safe for polyurethane finishes and will add a beautiful shine. With the floor fully exposed, apply this product with a damp mop. Allow it to air dry for several hours before putting furniture back in place or walking on the floor.

Treating Unvarnished Floors

If your floors have never been varnished, or the finish is largely worn off, then wax is a great choice. Use a true paste wax for a beautiful shine. Apply it with a moist, lint-free cotton cloth that’s been wrung out very well. Apply the wax evenly across the surface, and work it in as you go. It will appear cloudy as it dries, but you can buff out the cloudy finish for a stunning shine.

If you have wood floors in your Brooklyn loft, then you want them to look great. Polishing your floors isn’t hard, but it is time consuming and hard on your back. Another option is to call the professionals at 1st Class Cleaning and let us polish the wood floors. We’ll check the existing finish and choose the right treatment for a lasting shine and beautiful finish.

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