How to Clean and Care for Granite and Marble Counters

How to Clean and Care for Marble and Granite CountersYou’ve made the investment in granite or marble counters, and you want them to last as long as possible. It all starts with taking care of them on a daily basis, and it continues with a little annual maintenance. With the right care, your counters will last longer and continue to be a valuable part of your kitchen.

Quick Clean Ups

Spills happen while you’re cooking. It’s a natural part of being in the kitchen. It’s important to wipe up the little messes as you go. This way, you’ll avoid staining and other damage. At the end of the night, give the counters a quick cleaning using a special granite or marble cleaning spray. You’ll maintain the shine and protect the polished finish.

Take Preventive Measures

Some foods and liquids are more dangerous to your counters than others. Anything with a high acid content, such as orange juice, can etch the stone surface. If you’re going to work with a good deal of acidic foods, then invest in a few glass cutting boards. Work on the glass surface to minimize the chance of direct contact with your granite or marble.

Pretty Trivets for the Walls

Invest in a few nice trivets that you can hang on the wall. When you take a hot pot off the stove, put it on the trivet rather than directly on the marble. While granite and marble tend to be heat-resistant, it’s better to be safe and protect the expensive surface.

Use the Right Cleaners

Gentle dish soap is generally safe for marble and granite, but it’s still better to use specially formulated cleaners. Chemicals that are made for natural stone are guaranteed to be safe. In addition to cleaning the stone, they also help restore the shine that you love. Never use ammonia-based products, high pH solution, abrasives or very soapy detergents because these can damage the surface or leave a dulling build up.

The Annual Sealing

Once a year, give your natural stone counters the spa treatment by sealing them. Take everything off the counters, clean them and dry the surface. Next, apply an approved sealer that’s made for your type of kitchen counter. Follow the manufacturer’s directions. In general, you will simply apply the sealer evenly and allow it to air dry. This will protect your counters from stains and help maintain the glossy finish.

Your marble or granite counters are a source of pride and joy for you. They also represent a significant investment. If you have a cleaning company that takes care of your home, make sure they know how to property clean and maintain your stone counters.

The crew at 1st Class Cleaning has specially formulated cleaning materials for both marble and granite. We also offer eco-friendly cleaning options that are safe for your pets and children. We’ll take the time to properly clean your beautiful countertops and make them shine again. Contact 1st Class Cleaning online or call us at (800) 309-7881 to learn more about our services and see how we can take care of your kitchen counters.

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