How to Choose a Cleaning Company

How to Choose a Cleaning CompanyOnce you decide to work with a professional cleaning company, the next step is finding the right agency for your needs. You want a company that will listen to you, and you deserve a company that will provide you with high-quality services. When you’re in the market for a new cleaning agency, use these tips to find the right agency for all of your cleaning and housekeeping needs.

Bonded and Insured Is a Must

There are some things you can compromise on in life, but this isn’t one of them. Insist that any cleaning team you work with be fully insured and bonded. When the cleaning company invests in this protection, it means that you won’t be held responsible for injuries to the workers, and your personal property will be protected in the event of damage. You also want a company that pays the taxes on their employees so that you won’t wind up in hot water with the IRS.

All Equipment Provided

One of the great features of a cleaning company is that you can stop shopping for cleaning supplies and vacuum bags, but that’s only if you choose the right company. Some cleaners sound like they’re giving you a great price, until you find out that you’re expected to buy the toilet cleaners and special cleaners. Insist on a team that will bring in their own supplies so that you can drop this expense from your household budget altogether.

Flexible Scheduling

You have a busy life, and that’s why you’re investing in a cleaning team. You want a cleaning company that can work around your life instead of wanting you to rearrange your schedule for them. Most companies will want you to be home for the first cleaning so that they can get a tour of the house, fine-tune your service list and ensure that they’re meeting your needs. After that appointment, however, the company should be able to meet at a time that works for you or enter the home with a key. This is a very personal choice for homeowners, but the right cleaning company will follow your lead and create a cleaning plan that is convenient and comfortable for you.

No Contracts Required

Some companies want you to sign a contract up-front, but you have no guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the service. Work with a company that doesn’t expect you to sign on the dotted line before they’ve delivered on their promises. The best companies will prove themselves to you first with high-quality work. They don’t need contracts because they take care of their customers. However, they may offer discounts on services if you’re willing to sign a contract with them. These are the best teams to work with.

If the time has come to invest in a cleaning agency, start by looking for one that’s fully insured and bonded. 1st Class Cleaning is licensed in the State of New York, and we take pride in our high-quality cleaning services. With trustworthy cleaning professionals, flexible appointments and affordable rates, we’re the company to trust with all of your cleaning needs. Contact us today!

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