How to Avoid Making a Mess After Rainy New York Days

How to Avoid Making a Mess After Rainy New York DaysWhether or not you’re a fan of rainy days, there’s no denying the messes they can make around your home if you don’t take the right precautions to prevent them. The following tips will help you and your household members stay away from specks of rain coming into your home.

Off with the Wet Shoes

 One of the first areas to get hit with a wet mess is a home’s entryway. Have a floor mat ready by the door to dry up shoe soles and make sure to limit entry with shoes. This is especially helpful for homes with carpet flooring. If you have any pets, be sure they’re clean enough to step into your home before they bring their tracks inside.

Ensure that your wet pet enters an easily cleanable area. If you do happen to spot water on your tile or wood floor, be sure to mop quickly to prevent any slips or falls—and the same goes for any stains, clean them up before they become more stubborn. Say goodbye to pesky mud marks around your flooring.

Make Way for Storage

 Designate a space for storing wet items upon entering your home. Whether it’s an extra closet, rack, or cabinet, be sure to choose an area that can be cleaned with ease. It should be enough to hold everything from wet backpacks to coats, caps, and shoes.

This will minimize your chances of finding random wet spots on your home’s furniture. Once the items are dry, you and your household members can each be responsible for moving your things to their respective locations, so as to avoid the buildup of items, which can lead to not having enough room for using the space again soon.

Keep the Flooding Out

Flooding can sometimes be unavoidable, but that’s not to say you can’t keep your home from turning into a premature pond. If you live in a house or you reside on the ground level of your apartment building, be sure to safeguard your electrical equipment, both indoors and outdoors.

Your gutters and drains should all be cleared and be sure to weather strip your home so as to minimize the likelihood of water seaming through cracks and openings. Even the slightest amount of flooding can greatly damage your flooring and belongings, which can be really costly to repair.

Stay Away from Clutter

 Rainy days tend to call for staying in more, which can mean letting things pile up around your home. The best way to keep clutter under control is by making sure to return an item to its storage space once it’s done being used.

Clean areas of high traffic to stop dirt and grime from building up. You can do this by regularly disinfecting doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, and any other item or space that’s frequently used. You’ll prevent the growth of bacteria and lower chances of getting sick.

Call for Reinforcement

 For help cleaning the side effects of New York’s rainy days, contact today. Our skilled cleaning professionals use the best tools and methods in the industry to ensure an efficient job that’ll keep your home squeaky clean throughout all seasons of the year.

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