How Often Should You Clean Your House?

How Often Should You Clean Your House?

Well, it seems like you’re ready to turn over a new house-cleaning leaf! Rather than leave things to the last moment, you’ve decided to create a system that will keep you on track, as you finally realize that accumulating clutter, dust, and debris isn’t exactly the right way to enhance your life.

Now you want a home that you can enjoy, that is livable, clean, and absolutely presentable to anyone who happens to drop by. You’ve awakened to the fact that with a simple schedule that you can adhere to, housekeeping doesn’t have to be a deadly chore, but rather an easy habit that doesn’t take much effort if you stick to it.

How often should you clean your house? A lot depends on its size and if you have kids or pets, or entertain on a constant basis. But there is a rule of thumb, and that is to do a little at a time so that things don’t build up and become overwhelming.

When it comes to priorities, you want to concentrate most on the areas that visitors see, which most likely are the entryway to your home, the living room, guest bathroom, and even the kitchen. When your daily cleaning routine includes the rooms that get the most traffic, you’ll see how easy it is to keep them clear and ready for action.

There are some things that should be done every day and others that can be done twice a month, once a month, and once or twice a year. So lets take a look and try to get a handle on how simple it is to decide how to get organized.

Every Day

First things first. Keep things organized by assigning specific areas for papers, books, magazines, keys, toys, and all the other miscellaneous elements that can end up as sheer clutter. Every single time you finish with something, put it back where it belongs. You can make a game out of this with your kids too, so that it becomes fun as well as second nature.

Make sure that all your noticeable surfaces remain spotless. This means wiping glass tabletops, and doing a quick swipe over other areas that tend to collect dust, especially if you have pets. This should be done in all areas of the house, including your dining and living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen.

In the kitchen, make sure you do the dishes after every meal instead of letting them pile up until they become unmanageable. Wipe down all surfaces, including the sink. Do a quick sweep to take up any crumbs that might have fallen, paying special attention to areas around where you cook and eat.

In the bathroom, wipe down your counters, sink, and toilet with a biodegradable disinfectant and be sure to hang up wet towels so that they don’t become mildewed.

Your bedroom will be much more welcoming each night when you are used to hanging up your clothes each time you undress. Making your bed in the morning just after you get up can easily become routine if you start doing it every day.

Every Other Day

Turn on the stereo to high volume, put on your favorite CD, and make your vacuum cleaner your dance partner! Boogie your way through every room in the house to suck up those random dust bunnies, animal hairs, and other debris that can create allergies and otherwise contribute to a dirty home. Vacuum your carpets and rugs thoroughly to make sure that they stay clean, fresh, and dander free. Make it fun and you’ll see how quickly you’ll get through the job, maybe even burning a few calories at the same time!

Once a Week

Mop your kitchen and bathroom floors with a biodegradable formula, perhaps scented with lemon or lavender to add a fresh feeling to the room. Scrub your kitchen appliances to keep them free of grime, and in the bathroom, clean the toilet bowl with a deep cleaning agent. Clean the bathroom mirror with white vinegar and wipe down your shower doors or curtain. Do a thorough cleaning of your tub, including the chrome areas, which you can scrub with toothpaste to get a beautiful shine. Replace your towels as you put the used ones in for a washing. Do a load once a week, including your bedroom linens. If you have a big family, you might need to do a wash load more often.

Dust all the furniture in your home, using a healthy organic formula that leaves no toxins in the air.
If you have children, wipe down all the surfaces in their rooms and make sure their toys are clean. Get them to help you and make it into a game that leads to them ultimately tending to their things on their own.

Wipe down all of the light switches and door knobs, and while you’re at it clean off any smudge marks from your walls. When you take care of all of the details in your home, that sense of pride will help you keep up the habit.

Once a Month

Clean out that fridge! Wait longer than a month and for sure there will be a withered something or other, if not a mold-filled container that just cries out to be tossed. Get rid of things that no longer look fresh, and while you’re at it, clean all the shelves and bins. Take a thin brush and clean underneath the area at the bottom of the refrigerator door too. You’ll be amazed at how much grit accumulates there.

Take a vacuum to all of your upholstery. Pick up every cushion and pillow to get underneath. You might even find some stray coins to add to your piggybank! Move things around and get all the dirt that’s hanging out behind the furniture. Get ambitious! Take everything off shelves and give them a complete wash and dry. You’ll feel great accomplishing this task, and after all, you only really have to do it once a month. Pick a day and make it a celebration! And while you’re at it, dust those overhead fan blades, please!

Rotate your mattresses! Number each corner to keep track of where you are from month to month, not forgetting to include both sides. When you put number 4 where number 1 was and you’ll see how much better you’ll sleep as no one area is overused. Flip the mattress over after a month and follow the numbers here too.

Once a Year

Get a professional company to shampoo your upholstery and carpets, or take the time to do it yourself. Wash all your drapes and window treatments. Clean out all of your closets and give the things you don’t use to charity. And what about your attic and/or garage? Don’t forget that these areas tend to be the most neglected, so pay attention and go for that super cleaning. Get your family or some friends to help you and then celebrate your accomplishment afterwards!

Cleaning your house a little bit at a time will prevent a build-up that becomes insurmountable. Find days that are good for each task and stick to them Change your mind around what cleaning is and make it a pleasure, a meditation, a way to work off stress instead of being a deadly chore. And if it all still seems like too much, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning service to help you maintain the order you deserve.

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