How Cleaning Your Carpet Can Alleviate Your Seasonal Allergies

How Cleaning Your Carpet Can Alleviate Your Seasonal AllergiesSeasonal allergies can make you miserable, and you expect to find relief from the itching and swelling when you retreat to the indoors and close your windows. However, even this won’t bring relief if the allergens have migrated into your home and are trapped in your upholstery, carpets and draperies. One of the best ways to find the allergy relief you need is to give your carpets a good cleaning. Here’s what you should know about your carpets and allergy season.

Once Inside, the Allergens are Trapped

When pollen blows on the breeze, it can wind up on your car, clothes, shoes and all around you. As the weather shifts and rains come in, those allergens are washed or blown off of exterior surfaces. However, they become trapped once they enter your home. Whether the allergens come in through open windows or are knocked off your clothes and shoes, they drift through the air and eventually settle into the carpets and upholstery. Without breezes to blow them away, they remain in the carpet. They’re disturbed when people walk through the room, and that causes the allergens to drift up into the air and then settle back down again. Unless they’re cleaned away through vacuuming or steam cleaning, they’ll continue to irritate your sinuses well beyond the allergy season.

Moving through the Ventilation System

The allergens that become trapped in your carpet aren’t limited to the area right by the front door, either. When pollen or pet dander is present in the home, it may initially drift through the air before settling down somewhere. Your home’s central air conditioner creates a steady movement of air that captures some of those allergens and pulls them into your ducts. Some of these particles will settle on the lining of your ducts, and the filter will trap others. Unfortunately, some will make it through the system and be sent through your entire home through the supply ducts. This means that the carpets in your bedrooms can even have the allergens in them. This is why it’s important to vacuum all of the carpets on a regular basis, even if they don’t see a lot of foot traffic.

Indoor Pollution

Of course, the allergens in your carpets aren’t limited to those that come from the outside. The allergens are also the result of household dust that simply accumulates in any home. It’s shed skin cells, dust mites, food debris, decomposing insects, fibers from clothes and a host of other ingredients. Without regular cleaning, it can build up in the home and start to irritate your allergies. However, simply vacuuming the carpet several times a week will keep the allergens away and leave your house clean and fresh.

Ideally, the carpet should be vacuumed every few days. Take the time to vacuum the upholstered furniture to keep that clean. If you don’t have the time to clean the carpet this regularly, then consider letting the professionals take care of the chore. In addition to cleaning the carpets, the right crews can also polish windows, tidy the house and scrub the bathrooms. If you’re considering enjoying allergy relief by letting the professionals give your home a thorough cleaning, then call 1st Class Cleaning today to learn more about the various services we offer.

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