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There are a large number of factors that you must consider before arriving at a decision for choosing your next housekeeping service in New York. Here are five points of vital interest to your family and home that you must consider before engaging any type of cleaning service to take care of your home. As you are calling around to different cleaning services keep notes on the following five items and how each of the services compare to each other.

1. Reliability – Especially if you are going to have your cleaning service engaged on a regular basis, you will want a provider that will be completely reliable and dependable. If they are promising to come to your home once a week at a certain time then they had better show up at your home at that time (or very close to it) each and every week. Nothing is more frustrating at times than an unreliable cleaning service.

2. Security – You are entrusting your home’s valuables to people that you may likely never meet. You may meet one or two people along the way, but if the company has a large staff then it is unlikely you are going to be able to meet and get to know them. You want to ask the potential cleaning companies if they do background checks on their employees and if they are also insured to protect against financial loss from damages that may occur. If you work with such a company then you will be able to rest assured that they will take care of your home and all your possessions as they clean.

3. Quality – Talk with providers who stress the quality of the services that they provide. You will be able to tell after the first couple of cleanings how good of a job they do and how well they may be likely to do in the future. Occasionally you might receive a less than complete cleaning service, and this may be for any number of reasons like a brand new employee, for example, but on the whole you want an outstanding cleaning to be performed at all times.

4. Thoroughness – You will want a very thorough cleaning service to come and take care of your home. You do not want the service that is only willing to do the basics–just enough to get by. Instead, make sure that you choose a provider that is known by their reputation for over-delivering on what they promise.

5. Cost – The final consideration is the cost of the cleaning services in New York that you are going to hire. If all the other factors are in line then the cost may be a distant consideration. Still, you do not want to be taken advantage of and charged too much. Choose a provider that offers fair pricing for the excellent services they provide.

After you have done your research you will come to the conclusion that 1st Class Cleaning is likely right for you. You will have nothing to worry about when you select us to take care of your home and clean it to its utmost. You will surely not be disappointed.

For a cleaning service that is not only superior but is also green contact today!

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