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House Cleaning Services Queens NYThere is nothing more relaxing than walking into a clean, beautiful home at the end of a long, tiring day. Unfortunately, finding the time to clean that home and make it sparkle can be stressful and challenging. Whether you are insanely busy or just tired of the daily cleaning chores, the perfect answer is treating yourself to a house cleaning service.

Benefits of a Cleaning Service in Queens, NY
Hiring a cleaning service may seem like a frivolous luxury, but it’s actually a smart investment. A home that sparkles will help you relax and unwind after a long day. In the end, you will find that you are more productive both inside and outside the home because of the clean and calm atmosphere at home.

Time is a valuable commodity, and you have better tasks to focus on than cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing the kitchen floor. When you turn the housework over to a qualified team, you can then focus your energy on earning your next promotion, expanding your own business or helping your kids excel in their activities. Whether you need more time to devote to your favorite charity or are busy trying to launch a new business, a house cleaning service can provide you with the extra time you need every day.

Reduce your stress level by trusting the mundane chores to a highly qualified crew. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the windows or scrubbing the kitchen counters when you make the decision to bring in a team of house cleaners. If company stops by unexpectedly, you won’t be ashamed to open the door and invite them in. You will be proud of your home, and you won’t become stressed worrying about finding time or energy to clean.

Maintenance can fall by the wayside when regular cleaning chores are neglected. A leaking toilet in a guest room will go unnoticed if you never have time to get in there and clean, and the resulting damage can be expensive to repair. Trust a cleaning service to handle these regular chores, and correct minor issues before they cause serious damage.

A clean house is healthy for all who enter. People with allergies find it easier to breathe when the dust bunnies are eliminated and the floors washed. Mold and mildew won’t have time to take hold, and insects won’t find your home very attractive when there are no food sources. Your indoor air quality will be better, and your family will feel healthier.

Regular cleaning and dusting saves you money in the end. Wood furniture that is dusted and polished regularly will not dry out, extending its life and maintaining its beauty. Regularly cleaning the furniture will prevent surface dirt from becoming ground in, allowing you to keep the furnishings looking great longer.

You can be more spontaneous when you have a cleaning service take care of the housework. It’s easy to invite friends over at the last minute when you know the house is clean. Volunteer to host gatherings with confidence, knowing that your home will be fresh and ready for company.

Simplify your shopping trips with a cleaning service. As a result, the housekeepers will bring their own detergents and cleaning supplies, your weekly shopping trips will be simpler and more affordable. Schedule the cleaning when it’s convenient and comfortable for you. If you prefer to have the house cleaned when you are not home, we can secure a key in our secure key safe. You can also arrange to have a door attendant or concierge grant the cleaning team access.

Special Events or Daily Visitors
Whether you want to prepare for a special occasion or need regular cleaning done around the house, a maid service can be the ideal answer. You can customize the services you receive, allowing you to focus on the areas that are the most important to you. Even if you love cleaning the house, you might need a little help when preparing for a large gathering. You don’t have to hire a cleaning crew to come in on a regular basis. You can also invite a cleaning service to come in and help you prepare for a birthday party, anniversary reception or any other special event. Whether you need a deep cleaning before moving into a new home or just want help preparing your home for spring, a house cleaning service can provide you with the amount of assistance you require.

Customize the Service for your Queens Home
A house cleaning team is there to provide you with the services you need and want. Whether you want the house scrubbed from top to bottom or just the windows House Cleaning Services Queens NYwashed, the right company will customize their services to suit your personal desires.

Basic services include dusting and polishing all furniture and woodwork. This includes removing items from shelves, so they can be fully dusted and cleaned. Polished mirrors, glass and chrome mean that you will enjoy shining, beautiful surfaces when you arrive home. Ledges, baseboards, windowsill and door-frames are cleaned to prevent dust build-up and keep them in good condition. Vacuuming services include area rugs, wall-to-wall carpets and even upholstered furniture, so your home will feel clean from top to bottom. General straightening and organizing is part of the basic package, as well as emptying wastebaskets and ashtrays. Experienced crews will also clean under the furniture to ensure that your home is fresh and clean.

Bathrooms and kitchens receive special attention. In addition to scrubbing commodes and bathtubs, a house cleaning service will also put fresh towels in place, polish the chrome and scrub the floors. Dusted light fixtures will brighten the room, and you can even choose to have the tiles and grout deep cleaned to remove stains.

Standard cleaning services in the kitchen include cleaning the appliances, counter-tops and cabinet doors. The team will clean the floor, sink and any furniture in the room. After the trash is removed and the dishes are taken care of, your kitchen will be ready for your personal enjoyment. Deep cleaning services available for the kitchen include scrubbing the oven, cleaning the refrigerator and getting the interior of your cabinets back in good order. You can even have the silver polished so it will be ready for a nice dinner.

Of course, you may find that you need a little more than the basic cleaning chores completed. House cleaning services also offer valuable services that will save you countless hours. If you need help with laundry, trust a maid service to handle the chore and keep the laundry taken care of. Skylights can be hard to clean, but a service will have the right tools to tackle the job. Whether you need walls scrubbed in preparation for a party or the closets organized for your sanity, a house cleaning service can take care of the projects and keep your home in order.

No Contract Required
The greatest benefit of hiring a cleaning service is that you won’t have to sign a contract. There is no obligation, so you have nothing to lose by making the choice to enlist some help with the housework. While no contract is required, you can take advantage of special discounts by signing up for long-term services.

Fast Service and Free Quotes in Queens, NY
A cleaning service can respond to your needs quickly, so you can usually get a housekeeper immediately if you need one. Express services are available, and 1st Class Cleaning is proud to offer free estimates by phone.

Choosing the Right Company
Insurance is vital, as it will protect you from liability in case a housekeeper is injured on your property. Proper insurance also ensures that the company can pay for any inadvertent damage to your home. 1st Class Cleaning is fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

We are proud to offer our customers a trustworthy staff. 1st Class Cleaning uses careful screenings and regular inspections to ensure that you receive the high-quality cleaning services. We also take the time to secure all of your private information to protect your privacy. When you are ready to hire a house cleaning service, trust 1st Class Cleaning to provide you with the personalized, reliable services you expect and deserve.

Founded in 2005, 1st Class Cleaning began with a vision of providing outstanding cleaning service at reasonable rates. Through regular quality checks and a customer satisfaction guarantee, 1st Class Cleaning has grown into one of the most reliable and trusted house cleaning services in the greater New York area. If you are ready to simplify your life and enjoy a clean house, allow us to handle your entire house cleaning needs.


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