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There are many benefits for a hotel to use a green cleaning service. In today’s environmental conscious world, if a hotel can advertise that they use only environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods, it will be a great attraction for guests. Not only does the hotel reduce its carbon footprint, but the guests also reduce theirs if they frequent a hotel that subscribes to green cleaning services.

Green cleaning services use biodegradable, nontoxic cleaning products that clean just as well, if not better than toxic chemicals and do not leave toxic residue in the air, carpets and drapes. When biodegradable cleaning products are washed down the drains or toilets or washed from the sidewalk into the gutter, they do not pollute the groundwater or ocean. This is very important for keeping eco-systems and biodiversity alive. All-natural products also do not use petro-chemicals which in turn reduces the dependence on oil.

All hotel cleaning services can be accomplished with environmentally friendly products. Interior glass, mirrors and glass topped tables, light switches and door handles, sinks, toilets and vanity shelves or tables as well as all the tile in the bathroom, floors and carpets, all the furniture and the upholstery and telephones can all be cleaned and disinfected with natural products.

In a hotel, a clean and disinfected bathroom is essential for each new guest. Vinegar is one of the main green cleaning products. It is a stain remover and floor cleaner. It will remove hard water stains in the bathroom as well as clean toilets well. It is a good window cleaner and removes bad odors from the air without toxic chemicals. Baking soda is another air freshener and combines well with vinegar as a drain cleaner. Hotel rooms that are not occupied for a week or two may develop mold in the bathroom. Hydrogen peroxide and water will remove it without harmful side effects.

It is important for carpets to be clean and odor-free in a hotel. Conventional, chemical based carpet cleaners can leave toxins in the carpet that escape into the air for weeks. Carpet cleaning needs to shampoo chemicals deep into the carpet to reach the dirt from foot traffic, food and other things spilled on the carpets as well as dust that settles on the carpets and is ground deep inside. The shampoo needs to be thoroughly extracted with machines that apply the shampoo and then steam clean. The chemical shampoos can be green, so they leave no toxins behind.

Hotel laundry is another aspect of a well run hotel, and the huge quantity of linen for the hotel and personal customer services uses a enormous amount of energy for heating water and operating cleaning machines. There are sustainable practices for hotel laundry services that include solar energy water heating and non-toxic cleaning chemicals. Using reclaimed water can reduce expenses for the cleaning service as well as the hotel. A green laundry service will save energy by turning off idle machines and lights and using fuel efficient vehicles to pick up and deliver the laundry. These savings will be passed on to the hotel. For all things green and clean in your hotel feel free to contact today!

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