Hosting This Year’s Thanksgiving Party? Leave the After-Party Clean-Up to Us!

Hosting This Year’s Thanksgiving Party?  Leave the After-Party Clean-Up to Us!Hosting This Year’s Thanksgiving Party?  Leave the After-Party Clean-Up to Us!

Thanksgiving is the year’s pre-eminent food holiday and, therefore, the best holiday of the entire year…when you’re a kid.  When you’re an adult, the responsibilities behind making Thanksgiving the best holiday of the entire year take over, which means making the food, inviting (by either free will or coercion) relatives over to share in the festivities and, of course, having to mop up the mess they leave in the aftermath.

Although, we here at 1st Class Cleaning can’t help you deal with your relatives or make sure your stuffing is the best, we can make sure your house is sparkling before it’s time to get back to the daily grind.

Full Kitchen Service

Whatever the impetus is behind your Thanksgiving party, the real trench warfare is going to be in preparing the dinner.  Therein, there will be plenty of potential for mess-ups.  And even in the case where the cooking comes off flawlessly, there will still be a lot of cleaning to do, especially if you’re cooking up a lot of food.

Enter 1st Class Cleaning’s Full Kitchen Service.  We’ll clean up your counter and tabletops, as well as anything you may drop onto the floor.  Additionally, we’ll clean any residue that gets left in your microwave, sanitize your sinks and even empty your trashcans for you.

And if that isn’t enough, we also offer deep-cleaning services, which means we’ll clean your oven and refrigerator and do your dishes by hand.

Take Your Party All Over the House

Even beyond the preparation of the traditional tasty treats, 1st Class Cleaning will cover every aspect of your Thanksgiving Party, wherever it goes under your roof.
We’ll dust and polish your furniture and glass items so that, when your company comes over, they’ll be impressed with how presentable your living space is.  We’ll vacuum your rug and couches, so you can watch the obligatory Thanksgiving Parades and football games with peace of mind.  And we’ll do it again afterwards, in case your guests have left you some work to do there.

We’ll even take care of your bathrooms, in case your guests don’t clean up properly.  We’ll clean your mirrors and sanitize your sinks, toilets, bathtubs and shower stalls.  No unruly company will leave you with a new cleaning job.

We Also Do Special Event Service

1st Class Cleaning is excellent at cleaning to be sure, but that’s not all we offer.  If you’re hosting at least ten people, we can also provide a full staff for your dinner, acting as waiters, bartenders and servers, as well as a maître’d service.

Give Thanks with Us

No matter what the circumstances are or how large the group you’re hosting, we can help you ensure you focus more on fun with your food and company.  Contact us using the form on our Contact Us page or call us at 1-800-309-7881 and let our helpful staff work with you to ensure that what happens on Thanksgiving stays on Thanksgiving.

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