Window Steam Cleaning Services in Elmhurst, NY

Keep your windows sparkling and beautiful with window steam cleaning services in Elmhurst, NY. Over time, debris can start to build up on your windows, leaving them dingy, cloudy and uninviting. One of the fastest, most effective ways to clean and sanitize these glass surfaces is with the power of steam.

Windows Get Dirty

Windows have a way of getting dirty, even inside your Elmhurst home or business. It doesn’t matter if you have a mansion, a modest flat or a thriving business enterprise. Hands that touch the windows leave behind grease and unattractive fingerprints. Dust floats through the air and starts to collect on the glass. Particles from cooking can become airborne, drifting through your home or restaurant and settling on the glass windows. Soot from candles and moisture from boiling teakettles can migrate to these glass surfaces, leaving them looking dull and unkempt. Glass isn’t as smooth as you might think. Close examination shows that a sheet of glass actually has tiny variations, valleys and peaks. The imperfections in glass provide a perfect landing pad for microscopic debris that floats through the air in your home.

The Beauty of Sparkling Windows

Despite how easily windows can get dirty, it is worth the effort to keep them clean and shining. Windows that are sparkling clean allow the sunshine to flow into the room, brightening the entire area. The view outside your home or business will be more welcoming and beautiful when dirt and grime aren’t coating the window. A clean window will make the entire room look a little cleaner, brighter and more welcoming. As important as this may be for homeowners, it’s vital for commercial business owners.

Benefits of Choosing Steam Cleaning

The most efficient way to clean windows, steam will effectively remove grease from dirty hands and germs that float through the air when people cough or sneeze. The powerful steam leaves the glass sparkling without any streaks to detract from the beauty of your windows. Eliminating any mold or mildew around the frame, the glass will be sparkling clean. Steam works with the power of hot water and as a result, there are no dangerous chemicals involved in the process. There will not be any fumes to upset your customers or make you sneeze, and there won’t be any chemical residue left to cause streaking.

Clean Blinds for Beautiful Windows

Window blinds are essential for controlling light and providing privacy, but they are notorious for holding dust and dirt. Difficult to clean manually, a steam cleaner can leave them looking like new. Dust won’t be able to hide from the power of steam, allowing any build-up to be cleared away completely. An appropriate cleaning method for vertical and horizontal blinds, steam cleaning will work on wood, aluminum, vinyl, plastic and even fabric blinds.

If your Elmhurst windows are looking dull and tired, trust 1st Class Cleaning to make them sparkle and shine again. From the corners of the frame to the blinds covering your windows, we will make sure that your windows are clean, shining and ready to provide you with a glorious view of the world. Contact us today at to schedule a Window Steam Cleaning Services in Elmhurst,NY.


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