What Are The Benefits Of Using Green Cleaning Products

Every cleaning product you use has some kind of impact on the environment. Traditional cleaning products work their way into the water and air even when only used in the home. It is important to choose green cleaning products when shopping for supplies.

Switching from an unsafe cleaning product to a green solution may be difficult. Many green cleaners require a little more scrubbing or a longer soaking period. However, there are dozens of benefits to switching. Choosing a quality green cleaning product is easy when you understand the advantages.

The Health Benefits Of Switching To Green Cleaners

Most traditional cleaning products derive their stain busting power from strong chemicals. These fluids release harsh fumes. Using these cleaners can cause health problems like:

Severe skin rash, including itching and blistering
Respiratory problems ranging from mild coughing to pneumonia
Allergic reactions to compounds like formaldehyde
Flu-like symptoms
Stomach pain and intestinal issues

A little spray here and there may not sound dangerous, but your home is a closed environment. The cleaning products stay in the home and break down very slowly. You can end up with years of constant exposure to toxic chemicals.

A Lower Impact On The Environment

The production of cleaning products can create dangerous waste that is hard to dispose of properly. Once the product is used in your home, it also enters the ground water through the drain. Every chemical you use to clean your sink or toilet is flushed straight into the water supply.

A glass cleaning spray will disrupt plants and fish when it is flushed into a nearby stream. Green cleaning products are formulated to use chemicals that break down quickly. Some are safe enough to have no noticeable impact on the local environment.

Look for a green cleaning product that uses recycled materials for packaging as well. Creating new plastic and cardboard packages creates plenty of waste that increases the size of landfills. Recycled materials make a safe cleaning product even more environmentally friendly.

Reducing Long Term Costs

Some consumers balk at purchasing green products because of a higher price tag. However, gentle cleaning products can actually reduce your spending over the years. You can trade an upfront investment for decades of savings.

Taking the time to clean the right way cuts costs related to:

Health Care – Spend less on respiratory health concerns and avoid skin irritation that requires special lotions to treat.
New Furniture and Remodeling – Strong cleaners can damage your home furnishings when used for years. Gentle products won’t cause as much wear and tear during cleaning.
Septic Tank Maintenance – Flushing antibacterial cleaners into your septic system can cause serious damage, requiring thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Find A Green Cleaning Team

If you prefer to leave your home cleaning in the hands of professionals, look for a team that uses green products. Your lungs and skin will notice the difference after a few months. Many companies have made these safer cleaning products their primary supplies to protect their workers as well as their customers. Visit http://www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com/ to learn more about a professional cleaning company that offers the use of green cleaning products in your home or office.

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