Why You Should Start Your Spring Cleaning Early

Spring-cleaning can be a daunting task that many prefer to put off as long as they can. When our mothers and grandmothers spring-cleaned, it could be a weeks-long affair. In this busy world, few of us have the time it takes to sink a week or more into non-stop spring cleaning and it is tempting to skip this task all together. However, there is a very good reason as to why you should get started early with your spring-cleaning. Spring-cleaning ensures that your home gets a complete cleaning makeover, making cleaning and basic household tasks much easier for months to come, and the earlier you start, the sooner you reap the rewards of a deep-cleaned home.

Spring-cleaning can be made easier with some preparation that will help you get started early. Go from room to room and make a list of all the tasks you will need to do in order to completely clean the room. When you amass this task list, review it and see what cleaning supplies you will need. A complete cleaning supply kit will ensure you can get started early and not have to stop when you realize you don’t have a certain cleaning supply. In the kitchen, keep in mind specialty appliance cleaners, like oven cleaners. In the bathroom, if you have hard water, keep lime scale removers in mind. By making a complete task list and ensuring you have the supplies on hand to tackle it, you will be able to get an early start on your spring-cleaning and not lose any momentum.

Once you have a task list, dividing the chores up into manageable sizes will help spring-cleaning from becoming too difficult. When you look at an entire house that needs to be cleaned, it seems like a never-ending task. If you look at one or two rooms a day that need cleaning, it becomes far easier to mentally and physically tackle the cleaning tasks. Group together similar tasks. For example, clean bathrooms together. If you need to vacuum upholstery, vacuum the drapes while you have the vacuum set up with various attachments. Your task list will also help you plan ahead. If you need to let oven cleaner sit for a while, you can plan to do tasks in another part of the house away from the fumes of the cleaner. You can clean out the refrigerator and freezer the day before you go to the supermarket, ensuring less items you have to remove and keep fresh while doing these chores. A little forward planning will go a long way to making cleaning much easier.

One other thing to keep in mind when spring-cleaning is that you don’t have to do it alone. If you have help, you will be more likely to start early and complete the job. Get family members to help. If you live alone, suggest a housecleaning swap with a friend, where you help each other clean one another’s homes. Enlist the services of professionals to steam-clean carpets and wash windows. Housecleaning companies offer spring-cleaning services that you can use to augment what you do, or to do the job entirely. Check to see what services are out there to help you get started and get your spring-cleaning finished early.

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