Spring Cleaning Ozone Park NY, 11420

spring cleaning ozone parkAfter a long, cold winter, most people eagerly anticipate the coming of spring. They look forward to warmer days full of sunshine and blue skies. In fact, the only thing that many people dislike about spring is the arduous task called spring-cleaning.

Families in New York City are some of the busiest ones in the country. Most families struggle to find time for simple, routine cleaning. Finding time to completely disrupt the household by cleaning every nook and cranny in the house can seem impossible. Spring-cleaning is messy, tiring and tedious, but most families love the feeling of a fresh, clean and organized house when it is all over.

Why not save yourself the headache of spring-cleaning this year by asking 1st Class Cleaning to do it for you? All you will have to do is make one simple and quick phone call. Then you will be able to eliminate the hassle of washing windows, wiping baseboards and cleaning out cupboards.

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home one day to a completely spotless house or apartment? Not only will we do the basic cleaning like mopping and dusting, but also if you hire us to do your spring cleaning, every corner of your home will be clean and organized.

Allow our helpful and fully trained staff to totally renew your kitchen. We will clean the cabinets, pantry and appliances inside and out. Your stove, oven and refrigerator will be sparkling clean and sanitized when we are all done. Don’t bother with emptying your kitchen cupboards and pantry in order to wipe them all out. Not only will we scrub them all out for you, we will gladly toss expired food items and re-organize it all, making your kitchen things easy to find.

Allow a housekeeper from 1st Class Cleaning to use biodegradable, natural cleaners to make your bathroom glistening clean. We will eliminate any trace of mold, mildew or hard water stains that may be lurking unnoticed in any corner of your bathroom. We will also cheerfully clean and organize your medicine cabinet or linen closet.

When your helpful 1st Class Cleaning leaves your home after doing your spring-cleaning, your bedrooms and living areas will be free from dust, dirt, grime and cobwebs. All of the flooring, including hard-to reach areas like under the beds, will be either vacuumed or mopped. Even your ceiling fans, light fixtures and windows will glitter and shine like new. Best of all, each and every one of your valuable and treasured items will be exactly the way that you left them—only cleaner!

While you may hate spring-cleaning, we will be glad to take care of it for you. If you ask us to do your spring-cleaning, you will be able to enjoy the coming season of spring without having to dread the headaches and backaches caused by a week of spring-cleaning. You too can have a restful, clean and organized home without sacrificing vacation days to conquer spring-cleaning. Contact 1st Class Cleaning  today for a free estimate, and we will be glad to take this strenuous task off of your to-do list.


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