Sink and Faucet Cleaning

Chrome Faucets
When cleaning our kitchen or bathroom we always need to clean our chrome faucets. However, how can we clean our chrome faucets without leaving stains behind? This is the question most of us ask ourselves when we try cleaning our faucets over and over again to clean off the stains. Well, chrome faucets are easily cleaned with soapy water. Cleaning them with a wet towel will not work as well. After cleaning with soapy water, just rinse and dry with a paper towel in order to restore its luster. To remove the dirt and grime deposits from under the edges of the faucet you should use an old toothbrush. Your goal is to leave your faucet clearer than a mirror.

Fiberglass Sinks
Fiberglass sinks are very delicate so they need to be well taken care of and you need clean them with the proper cleaning products. Always use non-abrasive cleaners such as:

  • Liquid laundry detergents, hand washing soap, or dishwashing soap
  • Water to a paste and baking soda moistened. Apply to wet surface and gently rub with the paste on a sponge or soft nylon brush.
  • All-purpose cleaners for household or bathroom cleaners.
  • Baking soda in warm water or trisodium phosphate in warm water. Use mild to moderate alkali solutions.

All these cleaners above should be applied with a non-abrasive applicator or a sponge. The non -abrasive applicator can be a sponge, polyester, or polyethylene. Rub it on gently and always rinse to remove the cleaner completely. If you don’t rinse with plain water you will end up with hard water soap stains and it is what you don’t want to have on your faucet.

Don’t even think about using an abrasive cleaner when cleaning fiberglass sinks! When I mention not using abrasive cleaners I mean common scouring powders, scouring pads, paper, steel wool, or scrapers. Using abrasive cleaners may damage your fiberglass faucet.

Porcelain Enamel Sinks
Porcelain enamel needs to be extremely well taken care of when cleaning because it is a glass surface fused to a metal base. This glass surface is very hard but can be chipped with hard hits. It can be damaged by acids and abrasive cleaners or applicators. This type of glass surface is acid resistant but not acid proof which causes the glass coating to gradually dissolve from acid contact. Removing stains on your porcelain enamel faucet with acetic and muriatic acids can be effective but they will dissolve part of the surface coating. Once it dissolves the glass coating it will get to the metal base where it will attack and cause serious damage.

In order to clean porcelain enamel without worrying about damaging it you have to wash it with hot or warm water. Use detergents such as baking soda or non-participating water softener. Then create a solution with one of the detergents and warm water to remove stains on your faucet. Always remember to rinse with plain water.

If you prefer to use scouring powder you may use it, but make sure that it’s one of the very finest. Many scouring powders contain tough particles like feldspar or quartz that can cause scratches instantly. Once a glass surface like porcelain enamel has been roughened; it catches all types of dirt very easily such as grease, soap residue and deposits from hard water. You may also use household commercial or bathroom cleaners.

DO NOT use any type of bleach to full strength to remove stains on your porcelain faucets or let them remain on the glass surface for a long time. If you have stains that you know will only be removed with chorine or hydrogen peroxide bleaches, use as little as possible and remove it right away.

There are so many different types of faucets and different methods and cleaners to use, it seems almost impossible to not damage your faucets with the wrong cleaners. Yet all it takes is to do a little research. There is nothing better than walking into a kitchen or bathroom and seeing faucets and sinks shine. They are what make your kitchen and bathroom stand out and look spotless. These tips will help you and make your life easier by not having to kill yourself using cleaners and applicators that will not work. By using the cleaners and applicators mentioned, you will see great results.

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