New House Cleaning Service Brooklyn, NY

Upon the completion of new house construction, there is a considerable amount of cleaning to be done before the house is ready for occupants to move in. Dust likely covers every surface and then some, windows have labels and fingerprints, surfaces are smeared with who knows what, a deep clean is definitely needed. Rather than face this seemingly insurmountable chore alone, you can call in a new house cleaning service and stand back while your newly constructed home begins to gleam before your eyes.

New homes have a more detailed checklist when it comes to cleaning than previously lived in homes or general cleaning of an occupied home. The construction dust and debris requires intense and specific attention to every surface and inside every cabinet as well.

1st Class Cleaning will arrive prepared to tackle your new home from top to bottom and all sides. The cleaning professionals will wipe down every surface and inside every cabinet, including the floors and light fixtures. Vacuuming will be done across all surfaces, carpeted as well as non-carpeted, windows, corners and the like. 1st Class Cleaning will ensure your house looks like the sparkling new home of your dreams.

Sure, you could save money and clean your newly constructed home yourself. However, are you willing to invest the time and energy needed to cover every single surface and crevice in the house? Do you have the equipment necessary to reach all corners, clean off labels and make your home spotless? Why not hire professional cleaning service that already knows what needs to be done and already has all necessary equipment and cleaning supplies? 1st Class Cleaning will cover every necessary item that needs to be done following construction of your new home and installation of your chosen decor and comfort items such as carpet and light fixtures.

By hiring experienced and efficient professionals for the job, you can focus on getting your things packed and the family ready to move. Walking into your brand new home where it is sparkling and ready to move into is a moment worth the cost of hiring the professionals. You get to enjoy your home all clean and ready to be occupied. Each room, all windows and doors, all flooring and fixtures will be shiny and clean, ready for you and your family to begin your new life in your new home.

When the construction on your new home is almost complete, contact us at 1st Class Cleaning,, for a detailed list and estimate on how we can provide you with new house cleaning service Brooklyn style. You will appreciate being able to move in and enjoy your new home immediately. Moving is plenty of work without having to clean as well!

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