How Clean Is Your House?

As we go through the daily grind that we affectionately call life, the last thing we want to spend our free time doing is cleaning the house. Even setting aside one full day every couple of weeks seems to get harder and harder as work and family obligations continue to take up every hour of free time that we manage to find for ourselves. Between a 40-hour work week, maintaining our children’s social calendar and finding one evening a month to see our own friends, cleaning the house is a chore that seems impossible to make time for.

With the right attitude and a little time management, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to get some of the smaller, less time consuming chores done. Being able to get some light dusting in after work while the kids were at soccer practice, or running the vacuum cleaner through the living room area while dinner is in the oven is a nice idea, but even the best of us are not even able to accomplish this much after a long work day. Assuming we have the time and energy to do a few things in the evening to keep things neat and orderly doesn’t constitute a clean house. Most experts would say that while your home may look clean, it is not. Looking clean and surface clean are two entirely different entities. Most people don’t have time to sufficiently clean their house, let alone move all the furniture while vacuuming, or dusting all the pictures on the walls along with the endless knick knack collection. For most of us, keeping the bathroom spic and span on a daily basis can only be achieved in Lysol and Scrubbing Bubble ads.

There are many areas in the home that are not thoroughly cleaned, and who has time for it? The kitchen is one area that may appear to be clean and is one of the most unsanitary areas in the home. Lift up the stovetop burners and take a gander at all the food and grime that is hidden there. How about the range hood or the top of the refrigerator, or even the top of the kitchen cabinets? If you have kids keeping the bathroom clean and germ-free is next to impossible on a daily basis.

Of all the services that we are able to find the money for, one service that should be included in the monthly budget is hiring a maid service. Being able to have someone that comes in to do many of the chores that we do not have time for or that we hate doing is worth every penny. Hiring a maid service does not have to be expensive and most services provide you with many different plans to choose from. When you start to consider that most services provide their own cleaning supplies and are relatively inexpensive, it is easy to justify a monthly or bi-weekly service that provides you with a clean home, peace of mind and more time to spend with your family and friends. Contact 1st Class Cleaning today for more information about our cleaning services!

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