Household Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your home thoroughly and regularly is important for you and your family’s comfort and well-being; however, that doesn’t mean that the task doesn’t often seem boring, repetitive, and never ending. The good news is that there are several household cleaning tips which will minimize the work without sacrificing results. Following are the top 8 most important household cleaning tips.

    1. 1. Establish a household cleaning schedule. Everyone who lives in your home should have some place in this schedule, even if it’s simply to be responsible for their own areas. A household cleaning schedule breaks down the daunting task of cleaning a whole house into manageable chunks that are performed throughout the week.


2. Clean as you go. Do you have the unfortunate habit (as so many of us do) of leaving behind your newspapers, clothes, and dishes where you last used them? If you do, breaking this habit for good will only make life easier on you. After you are done with something, put it away or clean it up. Enforce this rule for everyone in your home.

3. Clean rooms from top to bottom. Start at the ceilings and work your way downward; this is the fastest way to thoroughly clean a room and helps you to avoid having to re-clean areas. Dust high to low and always clean floors last.

4. Have fun with it.There’s no shame in putting on some jams and dancing with your mop if it gets you happily through what would otherwise be a menial chore. Cleaning is a lot more fun if you can head bob or dance through it.

5. Get rid of it if you don’t love it or need it. Clutter confuses the eye and can make a tidy home look unkempt. If some items in your home aren’t regularly useful, don’t fit in with a design plan, or have meaningful sentimental value, donate them. Excess stuff just takes up space and takes more time to clean.

6. Keep all your cleaning supplies in the same place. It can be tempting to leave cleansers in the areas they are most used – glass cleaner in the bathroom, for example – but you will lose a lot of time if you need that product to clean something else yet you can’t remember where you put it.

7. When you can, go natural and green. Many people think this means investing in expensive “green” products, but most of the time baking soda or white vinegar work wonders, without the nasty chemicals that might affect the air quality in your home. A simple vinegar cleaning solution: combine one part vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. This solution works wonders on most surfaces and is incredibly cost effective.

8. Focus extra attention on the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom and kitchen are both areas filled with moisture and are the two favorite places in your home for bacteria to grow. Make sure your kitchen sponge isn’t actually spreading bacteria by washing it regularly. To go the extra mile, stick it in the microwave for a short period after washing and let the heat kill the bacteria.

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