Hard To Reach Places People Forget to Clean

There are hundreds of areas in our homes to clean, and dozens of hard to reach areas that many people forget about when doing regular home cleaning. Many of these areas are used every day and are looked over when doing general cleaning. It is important to be sure to clean these areas regularly to keep dirt and grime from building up in your home. Most people don’t know where these hard to reach places are, and so here are some examples of places most often overlooked by people while cleaning their home.

The first most common area overlooked by home cleaners is behind the toilet. We all know the value of keeping a clean bathroom and a sanitary toilet, but seldom do we realize that the area behind the toilet can collect dust, grime, and germs over time if no carefully cared for. Make sure to sweep and mop behind your toilet whenever conducting your regular cleaning routine. This simple action can greatly reduce about the germs that accumulate on your bathroom floor.

The next most common place people forget to clean is your shower door tracks. Many people take the time to scrub their showers and shower doors, but rarely do they realize the amount of dirt, residue, and mildew that can build up in the tracks of your shower door. Take the time to use some simple water and vinegar to wipe up any gunk left in the tracks of your shower door and keep it sparkling clean. Flush the tracks with hot water and dry with a towel to make it sparkling clean.

One of the most overlooked places to clean is the walls and doors of your bathroom. You may take the time to clean your bathroom mirror, shower doors and toilet, but your walls are constantly coated with hair products that you can’t even see. Over time these products create a layer of dirt and grime on your bathroom doors and walls that can be incredibly difficult to clean. Take the time to wipe down your doors and walls during cleanings to keep the layer of grime out of your bathroom.

Looking up high may not be something you’d think about while cleaning your home, but the corners of rooms and the blades of fans can get incredibly dusty and dirty, spreading cobwebs and dust mites around with your air conditioner and throughout your house. The next time you’re vacuuming, try using the long attachment to clean the corners and edges of ceilings and dust your ceiling fan often.

Many appliances tend to go unmoved, but no appliance harbors more dirt and grime than your refrigerator. Take the time to move your refrigerator and clean behind it, and don’t forget to mop, too. Allow the area to dry before pushing your fridge back against the wall. Cleaning behind the fridge can help the fridge work better as its air filter can get clogged and dirty over time. Also, hair from pets can settle behind the fridge. Keeping the area behind the fridge clean will keep unwanted pests away from your kitchen and food areas.

Last, don’t forget to vacuum and clean under your couches and other furniture that you rarely move. Pet hair, dirt, dust and grime can even accumulate in places that you don’t go, so be sure to take the time to move your furniture while cleaning and get the dirt and dust that lies below.

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