Commercial Building Cleaning In Manhattan NY

Commercial buildings such as warehouses, factories and office suites are subjected to a high volume of human traffic. Waste piles up, stuffy air and buildups of mold and bacteria occur with regularity. Timely maid service is essential for keeping business locations clean and sanitized. In Manhattan, companies have come to rely on the professional team at 1st Class Cleaning for fast, efficient janitorial work.

Reliable Experts On the Job

Office and commercial building cleaning can be tricky because of the various work shifts involved. Many offices are open at odd hours, especially restaurants, schools and warehouses. A professional maid service dispatches field operators at all hours of the day or night, satisfying the client’s need for expert janitorial work whenever the time is appropriate.

The trained staff at 1st Class Cleaning comes to the work site totally prepared for the job at hand. All cleaning products, towels, brushes, buckets and sanitizing agents are provided at no extra charge. Whether it be a one-time general cleaning or an ongoing schedule of trash pickup, equipment sanitizing and furniture dusting, professional teams complete their job on time, every time.

Using Green Products and Non-Toxic Cleaners

Choosing a company that uses the latest in green cleaning technology pays big dividends. One of the major problems of commercial cleaning involves the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals. Many of these cleaning solutions leave harmful residues that can cause serious ailments to office employees. On the other hand, using non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning agents means no residue buildup, no dangerous chemicals entering the water supply and no allergenic reactions for those who work on the premises.

Companies may also be able to earn green points for using the services of an eco-friendly cleaning operation. In some cases, companies even receive a business tax break for contracting with a cleaning service that uses only organically derived solvents and surfactants.

Affordable Prices and Rapid Dispatch

One of the advantages of using a professional maid service for commercial cleaning is the contractor’s familiarity with the Borough of Manhattan. The set prices for repeat service in Manhattan amaze many who contract with 1st Class Cleaning. The ability to dispatch promptly and have the team arrive on time is critical for most clients. Having the peace of mind that an expert team of cleaning professionals will always leave the office, gymnasium, production factory or retail store looking and smelling brand new is matched only by the fact that this service is incredibly affordable.

Working Around The Client’s Schedule

If there is a need to change the dates or times in which the facility must be serviced, 1st Class Cleaning will always find a way to accommodate with no skipped appointments. If there is a particular team of cleaning personnel that is favored by the client, 1st Class Cleaning will make a special effort to have this crew ready to work each time the office or other commercial workplace is scheduled for servicing.
Find out what hundreds of other Manhattan businesses already know. The reliable, complete janitorial work performed by the teams at 1st Class Cleaning is not only affordable, it is the healthiest method for keeping the store, restaurant, warehouse or office sanitized and spotless.


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