Cleaning Your Home for The Holidays

We all know that when the holidays arrive we all want our house to be sparkling clean. The holidays are not only about the decorations in your home but also about cleanliness. Decorations will only look their best in a spotless home. The holidays are filled with Christmas shopping, social events, cooking etc, and it seems almost impossible to fit in cleaning on to your to-do lists. The holidays are hectic and with your regular routine along with Christmas shopping there is definitely no time to think about cleaning your house. However, you do have to get to it some time, so here are some tips for making your house sparkle for the holidays and save time.

  • Begin… Now!
    No time better than the present. Stop wasting time! You already have a long list of things to do, why waste more time. Get up and motivate yourself into cleaning your home. It is better that you clean before Christmas and not at the last minute. You’ll have a lot less stress and do much better job. Get it over with as soon as possible this way decorating will be much easier. You may even get Inspired to rearrange furniture or polish silverware.
  • Create a Checklist
    Make a list of all the things that have to be cleaned in your home, this is the best way to start. By creating a checklist you will be organized and know what has already been cleaned and what has not. It will definitely make the process much easier for you. This will help you distribute your time better. Also it will give you motivation once you check off something on your list it will give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • It only takes 30min.
    Who said that you have to clean everything in your home in one day? Cleaning shouldn’t be done in a rush. You could clean something different for 30min each day. One day could clean only the bathrooms, the next day the bedrooms, then the living etc. Cleaning could be done a little at a time everyday. As long as you clean a little here and there you’re gaining on it, and when you least expect it your list will be all checked off.
  • Ask for help
    This tip is for all the mothers and wives who live with their children and husbands. You have the right to ask them to help you clean the house. The children and your husband are probably on vacation for the holidays and they could be of great help. A great way that they could all contribute is by dividing chores and giving each of them something to do. Before you know it cleaning could be done in one whole day with their help.
  • Make your life easier
    There’s no need to clean or organize things that you don’t want. Throw away clothes you don’t wear anymore. Give as a gift to someone items around the house that you’re not pleased with or have no use for anymore. You’re just making your life harder by cleaning or organizing stuff that you don’t want anymore. If you throw or give away what you don’t need you’ll have less to clean and cleaning will be easier!
  • Enjoy it!
    Why do you keep thinking that cleaning is hard and boring? Like they say life is what you make it. So make cleaning fun for yourself. Let cleaning be something that you could enjoy while doing, after all it is the holidays. Play some music while you’re cleaning and maybe even dance a little before you’ll know you will be having a blast while cleaning. Also while you’re cleaning promise yourself a little treat to look forward to like for example a long hot bath or a night out having fun.
  • Holiday Aromas
    After your home is spotless you could top it all off with scented candles. These candles will make your home smell like new and everyone who walks in will know you worked hard cleaning your home. I recommend you get cranberry scented candles those are the ones that really do the trick and bring the smell of the holidays.
  • You did it!
    Congratulations! If you already cleaned your house and used these tips you have finished and are ready to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends. Your home is sparkling cleaned and smelling great to welcome your loved ones.
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