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Keeping a clean house can often seem like a difficult and overwhelming task, but it seems like there are people that have it all figured out. The mother with four children and a spotless house, the workaholic, who never seems to be home long enough to clean, but still manages – how do they do it?  You may think they use a monthly cleaning service – many do, because that’s a great way of tackling the task for the time crunched, but there are ways to manage the chaos on a daily basis, too. You just need to figure out out how to use clean house tips to your advantage. Get more done in less amount of time than the average cleaner. Here are some of the best clean house tips that can help you turn your less than clean house into a well organized and clean home.

  1. Manage your clutter – true neat-niks will tell you the key is clutter management. Clutter seems to pop up on a daily – and sometimes hourly basis. From jackets and sweaters to toys and books, clutter alone can quickly turn even a clean home into what looks like a disaster zone. The old average ‘everything in its place’ is the golden rule. Make it a habit to always carry something with you when you leave a room – just be sure to put it in its own ‘home’ and not simply leave it to clutter up another room.
  2. Easy ways to hide ‘stuff’ – Anyone with kids can tell you that toys and their other ‘stuff’ seems to grow out of the carpet. The same holds true for hobby enthusiasts and simply busy people. Find innovative and unique ways to store that stuff away. A great idea is a coffee table that doubles as a storage unit. The busy mommy can use it to quickly and effectively hold toys, while the rest of us can use it to store everything from magazines to video games.
  3. Do it a little bit at a time – Setting out on Saturday morning to clean your whole house is simply daunting. You are likely to lose steam half way through and not get as much done, as you would like. Instead, divide up your cleaning chores throughout the week. Make Monday mildew day and clean the bathrooms. Make Tuesday trash day and empty out all the garbage while cleaning out the fridge. You will find you have a lot less to do when Saturday comes around.
  4. Flip it – don’t always clean your rooms in the same order. The rooms you do first will get cleaned the best, while, as you lose steam or interest, the later rooms won’t get the same attention. Instead, switch it up. If you live in a two-story house, clean the upstairs first one week and the downstairs the next.

Keeping a home clean is a lot of work, but by learning to work smart, it is possible to have a clean home most of the time.  Mange your clutter, organize and plan and then you can use that cleaning service to take care of all the really unmanageable jobs. Contact 1st Class Cleaning to schedule your cleaning appointment.

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