Anti-Bug Cleaning

Bugs, whether DOA on your windshield or buzzing around your backyard can be a pesky annoyance. A day at the beach or a drive through the countryside can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately the clean up can be a pain, especially the bugs. It sometimes seems like every bug in the state has ‘splatted’ you windshield or headlights. Simple washing doesn’t work and while sandpaper will take the bugs off, it will also ruin your paint job. Another option is those expensive treatments that work on the chemical level to dissolve bugs, tar and other road hazards, but who wants to risk using potentially dangerous chemicals? There is another alternative – safe and effective – for removing bugs from your car.

First make an abrasive cleanser paste. You can do this my mixing water and a household cleaner, but a much better alternative is simple baking soda and water. You want to add just enough water to make a thick paste.

Second, wipe the bumpers, headlights and windshield with the paste and then scrub. You can also use a mesh covered sponge. The mesh will help remove the bugs, but it will not scratch glass or damage your paint job.

For particularly gummy spots, especially those that seem ‘tarry,’ apply a light coat of a conventional degreaser. A great product is WD-40; it works well and is a staple in many homes.

Fourth, pretreat each bug ‘splat’ with your car cleaner. It is best to use the cleaner undiluted for this step. Use a soft cloth or a car wash mitt to gently prewash the area.

Finally, wash the car as you normally would. These steps should ensure that your car is cleaned of any ‘remains’ from your trip.

While the paste created in step one will work great for any bug cleaning need, sometimes preventing the bugs is the best way to go. Instead of spending your time scrubbing off lawn furniture and fixtures to get rid of bugs, use a few simple tips to keep your backyard as bug free as possible.

You can create an easy to use and environmentally friendly bug catcher out of nothing but an old soda bottle. Simply take a 2-liter bottle, empty it and punch four holes around the very top of the bottle. Put several inches of a sugary soda or plain sugar water into the bottle. Thread twine through the holes to make a tie. Tie the bug catcher to a tree branch. Placing several of these throughout your backyard space will cut down on the number of bugs considerably. For a more festive look, consider wrapping the bottle itself in colorful paper or saran wrap. This simple trick works great for bees, wasps and flies.b

Keeping your home and car free from pesky bugs can be difficult, but a few easy home remedies can make all the difference. Be prepared to put a little elbow grease into it and your car, mobile home or bike will shine!

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