A Messy Home May Lead to Uncomfortable Anxiety Levels

A Messy Home May Lead to Uncomfortable Anxiety LevelsIt may surprise you to learn that the condition of your house plays into your stress level. It may seem that what’s making you crazy is the dogs barking or the children running through the home like it’s a racetrack, but what really lies at the core of your anxiety is the clutter and mess. Here are some of the ways your messy house is making you stressed and what you can do to relieve the anxiety.

Guilt and Embarrassment

You stop in at a friend’s house and marvel at the clean counters and tidy living room. You wonder why your home isn’t that organized, and then the guilt sets in. This other person maintains a clean home, and it seems natural that you should also be able to keep the house neat and ready for company. The guilt can be paralyzing, but letting it go can be nearly impossible.

Embarrassment follows closely on the heels of guilt. Your home isn’t as clean as your neighbor’s or your friend’s, so you start avoiding having company over. When people need to stop by to drop something off, you meet them at the porch to ensure they don’t see inside. If your friends are talking about having a gathering at someone’s home, you hope that they don’t ask you.

Excessive Stimulation

Of course, the problems with clutter go far deeper than the desire to match your sister’s ability to keep a clean house. The clutter and mess start to bombard your senses. You can smell the dust and mess, the piles everywhere offend you visually and having to dig through piles can become overwhelming to your tactile senses.

Everywhere you look, you see a pile to be addressed or something that needs to be cleaned. There is no relaxing and peaceful space in the home. You may also have your family constantly asking you where to find items, and that sets off a fresh search along with the noise and stress. The mess simply keeps your senses constantly working, and that creates anxiety and stress.

The constant stimulation is also tiring. It makes you fatigued even if you haven’t done anything. The exhaustion makes it difficult to get moving and clean, and the condition of the house only becomes worse as you struggle with mental exhaustion and a messy house.

Unable to Find Items

It’s frustrating to know that you have a certain item and be unable to locate it. When your home is cluttered, you cannot find your files, paperwork and even car keys when you need them. Rather than having a nice relaxing morning before work, you spend your time searching for lost items and scrambling to get everything together.

In addition to being frustrated by the constant challenge of finding items, you also wind up going out and buying things you need. It’s a waste of money because you know you have the item, and that only adds to your stress level.

Constant Distraction

You would like to sit at the table and enjoy a meal with your family, but first the table has to be cleaned off and prepared. Rather than spending time with your children at the end of the day, you wind up searching for missing items or trying to restore some order to the house. Instead of being able to focus on what’s really important to you, the clutter is a constant distraction that steals your time and attention.

The Work is Never Done

The mess around the house taunts you and laughs at you. It serves as a steady reminder that your work isn’t done, and that makes it hard to sit down, take a deep breath and just relax. The piles of papers, garbage kicked under the couch and dirty fingerprints serve as constant reminders that you still have work waiting. Your brain never has the opportunity to slow down and relax because it is constantly seeing and processing all the things that still have to be done.

You start to feel hopeless and overwhelmed when you feel like there is no end in sight to the work. It’s easy to give up and just accept that your house will always be messy, and it’s hard to determine where you should start when you are ready to reclaim your house.

Suffering from Allergies

Clutter hides dust, and it’s hard to dust around the mess in the house. If you are allergic to dust mites and mold spores, you can wind up suffering throughout the year as you are unable to find relief from the allergens. Feeling sick only adds to your stress and makes the anxiety even worse.

Open Spaces Vanish

The open spaces that you enjoy in a clean house encourage creativity and productivity. You are more likely to make an elaborate meal when you can easily see the counters and reach cabinets. However, you are more likely to head out to the nearest restaurant when a pile of dishes is waiting in the sink and the counters are buried under mail.

Disorganized Space and Disorganized Mind

When your space is disorganized, it’s natural for your mind to become cluttered and disorganized. With the mail scattered around, it’s easy to miss a due date or an appointment. This creates stress and anxiety as you wind up dealing with late fees, struggling at work or struggling to keep up with your kids’ activities.

Damaged Items

Struggling to find missing items is frustrating, and discovering that they have become damaged in the process is even more upsetting. Paperwork that gets wet and tears can be a hassle, and new clothes or shoes that are damaged because they were tangled up in the mess on the counter are extremely upsetting.

Damage to the House

The mess isn’t just an eyesore. It could actually be hiding serious damage to your house. Beneath that layer of dirt around the windows, a colony of mold could be growing and taking root in the caulk. The pile of mail on the counter could be hiding signs of a small water leak that needs to be addressed before it becomes serious. When the house is messy, the damage hidden by clutter could continue to grow and leave you with extensive repair bills.

The Unnecessary Stress Builds

Not being able to find something you just bought, discovering items are damaged or broken and feeling guilty over the messy house all add a little to your stress level. Over time, the stress starts to build, and you will struggle as you search for a way to relieve it. You may know that the best stress reliever will be cleaning your house and getting organized, but you may not have the time necessary to get your affairs in order at home.

A Waste of Money

The mess in your house is stealing your peaceful nights and creating anxiety. However, it’s also costing you money. Every time you buy a meal at the local pizza place because you don’t feel like dealing with the dirty kitchen, you are wasting money. When you have to buy items you know you already have, money is tossed away. Damage to your home and personal belongings can exact a heavy toll on your finances.

Financial struggles are another source of stress that you would rather avoid. However, the messy house becomes a drain on your finances that only adds to your anxiety. When the house is clean, you will eliminate this source of stress along with the anxiety produced by a messy house.

Self-Imposed Isolation

People are social creatures, but you will isolate yourself when the house is messy. Ashamed to let your friends in or invite your book club over to a messy house, you will choose to isolate yourself. This increases the feelings of guilt and stress, and it can lead to a vicious cycle of isolation, misery and anxiety.

The good news is that there is hope. You can call on 1st Class Cleaning to clean your home, shine the windows and even help you get organized. With our help, you can create a place for everything and make it easier to keep everything in its place.

There is no need to isolate yourself from friends or continue living with the exhaustion and stress of a messy house. We are here to help you reclaim a clean home and enjoy all the benefits of getting organized. Contact us using our online form or by phone at (800) 309-7881 to learn more about our organization and cleaning services. We can help you reduce anxiety levels, save money and enjoy a calm and peaceful home.

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