Holidays in the Big Apple: How to Clean Your Home for Pictures

IMGP2605One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.
          –       Andy Rooney

Quaint, but we just can’t stand a mess. Sorry, Andy! We want pictures that capture the joy of Christmas – without the mess.

Clean Ahead of Time

The best way to make sure your home is clean on Christmas day is to take care of all the big and little chores in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Get rid of any miscellaneous toys, junk, or decorations that don’t fit with the season and put them in the trash or a box.

Take a look at the area where you’re going to open presents and anywhere else you’ll be taking pictures. Are there stains on the carpet or handprints on the walls? Are your windows crystal clear or are there doggy nose prints all over them? Taking great pictures has a lot to do with lighting and winter light is feeble, so you’re going to want to clean your windows to make sure you’re making the most of the light you’re getting. And you definitely don’t want your memories marred by carpet stains, so do a little spot treating to get rid of them early.

If you’re having guests, you’ll also want to consider where everyone is going to keep their coats and presents that may not be going under the tree. If this is a spare room or bedroom, you’ll want to make sure the bed is made, the floor is clean, and that everything is organized. You can even add a little decoration to this room once it’s clean to keep everything feeling festive.

Also spend a couple minutes each day to vacuum up any stray pine needles that are under the tree or have been trekked across the carpet.

Organize Presents Under the Tree

If you have more than one person or child you’re Santa’s leaving gifts for, make sure he arranges them nicely under the tree so nothing gets lost and everyone can easily find their presents (and you can take more pictures with everyone smiling). You can even color code the wrapping papers you use for each person to make it easier.

Wrap a Big Empty Box

Pick one of your favorite wrapping papers and wrap a big empty box. You can use this as a trash bin for wrapping paper as everyone opens their gifts (and any of the packaging they rip open while they’re doing it!) This means you won’t have a big ugly trash bag in any of your pictures but can still get rid of the mess as it’s made. It also makes it easy to find any small parts that may’ve gone missing in the chaos – you’ll know right where to look.

Professional Cleaning Before and After the Holidays

If you love the Christmas mess and want it to last, that’s totally fine, too! You don’t even have to clean it yourself. 1st Class Cleaning would be happy to come clean up after your party and restore your home to its usual cleanliness. (And if you have a nagging in-law, we can even come before the holiday to get everything in tip top shape and give you time to enjoy the more important things!) Contact us today to learn more about our service options and pricing!

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