Green House Cleaning Services

Now more than ever people are concerned with their environment and keeping harsh chemicals out of their home and away from their family’s living space. Finding a cleaning service that only uses environmentally safe cleaners is now easier than ever as the impact of going green is a spreading and growing trend in the world today.

There are many green cleaning services to choose from and coming home to a clean house without the aroma of heavy duty cleaners is just another check in the plus column when you are considering employing the aid of a cleaning service. Employing a green cleaning service means that you are avoiding cleaning products that contain ingredients such as ammonia, chlorine and lye. Some industrial cleaners are full of adverse chemicals that are not only harmful to breathe but can also leave a residue on surfaces that can be absorbed into the skin when touched. There is also a certain peace of mind knowing that the person who is cleaning your house is not directly exposed to the destructive fumes and chemicals.

Employing a green house cleaning service will protect your family as well as the earth; and standards are being developed by non-profit organizations such as Green Seal who prefer eco-label household cleaners that have been identified as products that protect people and the environment from toxic chemicals and wasted resources. If your green cleaning service is using HEPA vacuums and microfiber dusting cloths, this is just another example of how a green cleaning service is also helping in the conservation of our resources.

Few people realize that for every ton of paper that is recycled, i.e. paper towels, 7,000 gallons of water and 380 gallons of oil are saved, and what’s more, enough electricity to power an average home for six months is generated. Any company can say they are “green” and that they only use “green products” so be sure to verify what products they are using and make sure to do your homework to make sure that all products are indeed non-toxic and meet your standard in keeping your home clean and toxic-free.

Some consider employing a cleaning service a luxury and others may consider it a necessity. Finding the time to do everything we want to do is increasingly harder to achieve. As our work schedules become more demanding and our children’s lives become more active, our quality of life is more important than ever. Who wants to spend every minute of free time cleaning the house and worrying about nasty chemicals in cleaners that can end up becoming detrimental to our health? Finding a cleaning service that specializes in green products and services is easier than ever. The benefits of going green not only promotes healthy living, but can save our environment and send a positive message to your children and loved ones. Employing a green cleaning service is a great way to start improving your quality of life and can have a profound and positive effect for you and your family.

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