Green Office Cleaning; Maintaining A Healthy Work Environment

Productive employees are a profitable crew. The question isn’t whether healthy productive employees are better for your business; the question is what you can do to help them stay healthy, happy and productive. While you cannot control what they eat or how active they are at home, there are steps you can take to create a better environment at the office.

Fewer Distractions

You don’t want your team distracted by dust, and you also don’t want them taking time away from profit-making activities to wipe down the office area. You want your staff to focus on moving products, bringing in new customers and generating the reports you need. A regular cleaning service will keep the area clean, so your team can focus on generating revenue for the company.

Maintain High Efficiency Levels

Many cleaning products leave behind a mild residue or lingering odor. If your cleaning crew is using harsh chemicals, then your employees are living with the lingering aftereffects. The chronic odor of caustic cleaners can result in respiratory problems and even vision problems. Rather than working at their full capacity, your team will not feel well and won’t work as efficiently. Choose a team that uses green cleaning products to protect your employees’ health.

Reduce Sick Days

When your team feels sick from the regular use of heavy chemicals, they will be more prone to calling out sick. Sick days reduce the productivity levels of your team as projects fall behind and people have to multi-task to make up for missing team members. Making the switch to green cleaning products is one of the best ways to help your team stay healthy, so you can reduce the frequency of call-offs.

Consider the Long-Term Risks Associated with Harsh Cleaners

Harsh chemicals come loaded with warnings about ventilation, contact with skin and the risk of ingestion. Cleaners available to commercial agencies are even more caustic and dangerous than those available to the general public. While they may leave the surface shining, they also leave behind odors and residue that can be harmful to your regular staff. If part of your team develops cancer as a result of those caustic cleaners, you could be liable for the damages. When you make the switch to green cleaners, you eliminate that risk.

An Advertising Bonus

When you switch to green cleaning materials and make other money-saving changes, you can mention that you follow green business practices in your advertising. Many consumers care enough about the environment to give their business to green companies. It’s the type of feather in your business cap that can only benefit your company.

Reduce Costs by Eliminating Damage’

Harsh chemicals can damage your building over time. The wrong cleaners can damage pipes, harsh polishers can actually wear away the finish on your wood and abrasives can scratch porcelain surfaces. Over time, the damage makes your building look tired and worn down. You will eventually have to pay extra money to make the necessary repairs. Invest in green cleaning products and you won’t have to worry about this. Safe for the environment, your team and your fixtures, they won’t cause damage and drive up your expenses.

The best cleaning companies for your business are bonded, insured and offer the option of green cleaning materials. A smart choice for all facets of your business, green cleaning products will benefit you in several ways. Visit to learn about the green cleaning options available from 1st Class Cleaning in New York.

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