Green House Cleaning NYC

Why succumb to toxic, carcinogenic cleaning chemicals if there is another option? These toxic chemicals should especially be avoided in the home where you and your loved ones rest and dwell. If you are to be safe anywhere in the world your home should be the primary place. Many harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia found in harsh cleaners may go undetected when ingested but slowly, eventually take a toll on your health.  Allergies, cancer, lung disease and respiratory problems are just a few health issues that may occur as a result of constantly taking in these hazardous cleaners. You may be unaware of this but there are also metals such as chromium and selenium that are present in non-green cleaning products that can cause major neuro-developmental damage in children. Cleanliness certainly isn’t worth your health and your life and it shouldn’t have to be. There is a healthy alternative to harmful cleaning and this alternative is just as effective.

Go green! There are only pros to going green and little to no cons. There have been those that may state that utilizing green products have proven to be more expensive. To that statement one is inclined to ask, can you put a price on health? The slight different in price that may be noticed when opting to have your house cleaned with green products pales in comparison to the benefits these green products will have on your health and the health of your family. Let’s face it; green, organic cleaning products are safer, healthier, and kind to you and the environment. With benefits like this there truly is no other option.

Green house cleaning not only benefits you, but greatly benefits the environment. Excess and remnants of cleaning products are poured down our drains and flushed down our toilets before making their way into our lakes, rivers and oceans. When our natural resources are exposed to the toxins found in many non-green products our wildlife suffers. Seeing as how most green products are not only harmless but all come in biodegradable containers the impact on the environment is substantial lowered. Helping yourself doesn’t have to mean harming the planet.

Be sure not to believe the false theories that contest that green products don’t clean as thoroughly as non-green, harsher products on the market. This is an ultimate falsehood. In fact, most green products work to absorb dirt rather than chemically degrade it. Green products not only offer the same level of clean as chemical based products, they also have a great fresh scent. Though many people imagine the scent of non-green products to simulate clean, these scents may actually be harsh and abrasive. The green products offered by Method, provide a natural fresh scent that is a result from the natural ingredients used to create the products.

1st Class Cleaning is proud to only use green products as we set out to create a clean and healthy environment wherever we set foot. It is our mission to have you home be a haven for you and a complement for the earth. Feel free to thank us later.

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