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Hiring a cleaning company is no small decision. There is an inherent level of trust – letting the cleaners into a home or business, giving them keys and access is just the beginning though. In many ways, cleaning companies are trusted with the health of families and workers. There are dozens of harsh chemicals that are commonly used by cleaning companies – chemicals that may accidentally get onto eating surfaces and contaminate food, or leave invisible residue on toys young children play with and chew on, to say nothing of hazardous fumes that can linger for days. There is also an even higher danger that these chemicals may leak into the groundwater supply that provides bathing and cooking water. Fortunately, 1st Class Cleaning utilizes “Eco-Friendly Cleaning,” and can be trusted to avoid these dangerous chemicals.

When searching for a cleaning company that is environmentally friendly, there are some basic issues to address. The first is that the products and methods used are actually green. Many products advertise as being environmentally friendly or to be non-toxic. Only a careful reading of the ingredients can actually determine is this is true. For those worried about allergic reactions or specific medical conditions a doctor can provide a list of the most dangerous irritants. When being kind to the environment is the primary concern, the Environmental Protection Agency can provide lists of chemicals to avoid. The second is that any cleaning processes, like carpet cleaning, adheres to the same standards. Special cleaning services that go beyond the typical cleaning often use special products that may get overlooked as not being environmentally safe.

How does a prospective client determine all these details though? Simple – just ask. At the first meeting with a cleaning company, ask for a list of the products they use or how they choose the products and what their standards are for. If they cannot provide what is asked for, that should be a red flag. Also during this meeting, make sure to tell the company representative any special concerns such as young children or sensitive lungs. This is also an opportunity to ask the company how well their products actually clean and address any lingering concerns and make sure that all the cleaning people are trained on the products and have had background checks.

One more concern when hiring any vendor or service provider is literally green – what is the cost? Unfortunately, there is a reason those harsh chemicals are so popular, and it has everything to do with being cheap. Environmentally friendly products tend to be a little more expensive and can take away from the bottom line. Since the cleaning company is also providing a service and not just the product they charge for labor and time. As with any other business decision, the employer should compare a number of options. Ask for local recommendations from others, and get a quote before even setting up a first meeting. This will allow the employer to be prepared in the meeting and know what an average price is and what is too high.

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