Green Building Maintenance Services in the NY Area

green building maintenance services in ny areaBuilding maintenance services in the NY area are a vital part of any apartment building or commercial rental facility. The people who are leasing your property expect that regular maintenance will be done when needed, and a huge part of that involves the regular cleaning of all common areas. This cannot be neglected if you want to maintain a high standard of visual appeal, as well as catching any potential problems as quickly as possible. There are hundreds of companies offering cleaning services, but to truly protect yourself and your company from liabilities green cleaning is the way to go.

Harsh cleaners do more than just damage the ozone and pollute ground water supplies; they are also dangerous to anyone who breathes them in. Using a cleaning company that chooses to use bathroom cleaning agents containing boric acid, for instance, can open you up to a lawsuit should one of your tenants become sick from inhaling the fumes. Even though your company did not actually use the chemicals, you are still responsible because you hired the company that did.

Choose a green cleaning service to avoid problems such as toxic fumes. Because green cleaning companies don’t use any VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds in their products they are able to maintain a high quality of indoor air. They also don’t use cleaners containing fluorocarbons so the products are better for every part of the environment from the ground water to the ozone.

In addition to protecting your tenants by avoiding the use of these toxic chemicals, you are also helping to keep your staff healthier. Your doorman, receptionists and office staff will all enjoy better health because you were proactive in choosing a green cleaning service.

The advertising bonus should not be ignored, either. People are interested in going green and they care about the environment. Whether they work on Wall Street or in the local pizza shop, most people agree that environmentally friendly cleaning products should be used whenever possible. Be sure to include the fact that you use green cleaning services in your advertising for office space or apartments. While it may not be the sole driving factor for some people, it can be a piece that helps tip the scale in your favor.

One factor of green cleaning companies is that they are also committed to energy efficiency. Not only will they help avoid respiratory problems for your staff and tenants, they are also committed to preventive maintenance. Their products are gentler on the wood and fabric they are being used on, so you can expect to get more years of use out of your wood flooring or carpet.

They offer services on every facet of your commercial property from the wood floors to spot removal on fabric and upholstery. They can still vacuum the acoustic ceilings and polish all areas to a shine that will leave your guests and customers feeling welcome. Regardless of what areas of the facility you need cleaned, green cleaning services can make them look fantastic again without the use of dangerous, harsh chemicals. For top of the line green cleaning for your building be sure to contact today!

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