Method Products

Spray Cucumber

spray_cucumberMethod® is made with naturally-derived surfactants. It works by absorbing dirt rather than chemically degrading it. And method is biodegradable so you can clean your home without flushing super-toxic chemicals down the drain into our rivers, lakes and oceans. We’re against that. Dirty doesn’t have to roll downhill.

Bathroom – Tub and Tile Spray

eucalyptusYour bathroom: it’s a naked kind of place. Well, unless its surfaces are sporting a layer of harsh chemical residue from bleach and ammonia-based cleaners. That’s dirty. This biodegradable formula removes soap scum and hard water stains without leaving nasty toxins behind. And that’s good news for you and your body

Mint Window Wash

mindwindow_sprayThis is an extremely effective method for streak-free cleaning of the windows, glass, and mirrors. Why is it blue? For some reason, people insist on glass cleaners being blue in color. The mint scent was our idea. Soon, glass cleaners will have to be both blue and minty. Just remember who thought of it first.

Wood for Good Wipes

woodwipesHere’s a clever little formula: wood for good. It even rhymes. This no-wax formula contains a gentle, cleansing conditioner that brings your wood back to life without leaving residue or buildup. And, it leaves a fresh almond scent in its wake. And that’s good for wood.

Aroma Pill ®

sweetwaterTo us, “killing” or “destroying” odors are pretty ugly approaches full of bad karma consequences. But then, crinkled noses ain’t too pretty either. method aroma pills are effective without being overbearing. Which means no battles to the death. It’s more like molecular coercion. We just lure those aromas back from the dark side. All you need is a little faith and an eager electrical socket.

Leather Wipes

leather_wipesIn the Ottoman Empire, they knew a little something about relaxation. Thus the ottoman. And the recliner. And the stunning leather couch. Whatever your leather, you can renew its rich, luxurious shine with these biodegradable wipes. Just run one of these over furniture, jackets, luggage, car seats, whatever. And relax.

Stainless Steel Cleaner + Polish

stainlesssteel_sprayStainless steel: it’s a funny name. Would you want to stain it? What if you tried? The great thing about stainless is that it doesn’t rust or corrode. But it does get dirty. This gentle formula cleans and polishes without streaking. Then, just to be nice, it leaves a protective layer. Even steel has a sensitive side.

Granite + Marble Cleaner

granite_sprayThe ancient Greeks were big fans of marble and granite. They would’ve loved to have a spray to clean up spills from those giant wine chalices or occasional conquest. Pretty dirty stuff. You’re lucky you’re not an ancient Greek – you get to enjoy the benefits of this biodegradable spray that is gentle and streak-free.

Omop Wood for Good Almond Non-Toxic Floor Cleaner

omopThe almond scent makes you practically want to eat off the floor. We don’t recommend it. But it is good to know this no-wax formula is non-toxic and biodegradable. Makes you want to throw out the timer on that whole 5-second rule. 25 oz. floor cleaner

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