Furniture Cleaners in New York City

For regular maintenance of your priceless heirlooms and sentimental furniture, a cleaning service may be an option to explore.  Professional cleaners can provide you with beautiful results, keeping your furniture looking brand new.

First, it’s important to see what type of chemicals the company you’re considering uses.  Are they toxic or harsh in any way?  When dealing with antiques or expensive pieces, extreme care should be taken.   Companies like 1st Class Cleaning only use natural chemicals to keep your furniture, and home, looking fresh.  The products they use – made by a company called Method – make a wide variety of organic products.  They include leather care, granite and stainless steel cleaners, as stain removers and wood polishers.

Next, consider the credibility of the company, especially for regular furniture maintenance when they will be in your home frequently.  What are customers saying about them?   Are there any complaints regarding damages to furniture, like stains or scratches?  If so, how was the problem resolved?  If a company you’re considering has a particularly bothersome complaint, feel free to ask them about it.  Give them a chance to explain.  How they respond to a direct question like that can be pretty telling.  Do they skirt the issue?  That may be how they treat you if you have a problem with them in the future.

Another important element when choosing a furniture cleaner is what type of schedule can they offer you?  If it’s office furniture that you need cleaned, can they come after hours – so as not to disturb your employees or customers?  If it’s your home, will you need to take time off work to be there, or can they come late or on weekends?  Or, do you need to be there at all?  If not, how is your personal security handled?  How many people have access to your house key or alarm code?

Lastly, consider cost.  Is the business far above or below market prices?  If so why?  Are they providing a very specialized service to a high end market?  Or, are they offering extremely discounted rates for unclear services?  In either case, it’s often best to avoid extreme ends of the spectrum in order to keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

If you would like more information on maintaining your furniture, please contact a professional cleaning service like 1st Class Cleaning.

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