Friendly Cleaners that Won’t Aggravate Your Allergies

Friendly Cleaners That Won't Aggravate Your AllergiesA clean house is better for your allergies, but getting it sparkling can be impossible if your cleaners are making you sneeze or struggle to breathe. You know to avoid cleaners with heavy floral aromas, but the chemicals in many others can be enough to leave you choking. The good news is that there are allergy-friendly cleaners you can use around the home. Whether you mix up something natural at home or head to the store to buy one, you’ll find that these are effective and gentle on your sinuses.

Vinegar, Peroxide and Water for Glass

Make your glass sparkle and shine by mixing up your own glass cleaner. Mix a cup of water with one cup of rubbing alcohol and a tablespoon of vinegar. You can also go a little heavier on the water to make this cleaner even more affordable. It won’t irritate your allergies to clean the glass, so you can enjoy the look of the great outdoors even when you’re avoiding going out in it.

Peroxide and Dawn as an All-Purpose Cleaner

A great all-purpose cleaner is peroxide mixed with Dawn dish detergent. You only need a little Dawn to get the cleaning action without forming suds. This can also be watered down slightly, but be sure to put the water in your spray bottle first. This is anti-bacterial and great for greasy messes in the kitchen. Simply spray it on a mess and wipe it up.

Borax for Tough Stains

If you’ve got a serious mess, then you need a serious cleanser. Mix two cups vinegar, two cups of hot water, two cups of borax and a half-cup of salt. With a rag, apply the solution to the stain and let it sit. If necessary, scrub with a soft-bristled brush to power out serious dirt without sneezing.

Embrace the Power of Steam

Avoid chemicals and allergy attacks completely by switching some of your methods. Steam mops are excellent for cleaning floors and removing dirt. They’re easy to use, highly effective, and safe on your sinuses. In addition to running your steam mop in the kitchen, you can also use it on hardwood floors and in the bathroom.

Break out the Baking Soda

If there’s a tough, greasy stain in the oven, don’t reach for the dangerous chemicals. Instead, get a box of baking soda, a spray bottle of water and a little bit of patience. Sprinkle a generous layer of soda on the cooled stain. Mist it with water to saturate the baking soda. Close the oven and allow it to sit overnight. The next day your gunky mess will wipe out with ease.

There are also eco-friendly cleaners available in the stores that are safe for pets and gentle on your allergies. Green Works from Clorox and the Method line are effective cleaners that are free of harsh chemicals. They’re lightly scented with natural oils, but most of them should be safe for use even if you have allergies. Another option is to treat yourself by letting someone else do the chore for you. 1st Class Cleaning is happy to take care of all your home cleaning needs, and we use safe, Method products. Contact us today to see how we can make your home a safe haven from allergies.

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