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New York City is teeming with foreclosures. The collapse of the housing bubble beginning in 2008 has left many bank-owned properties on the market. With this vast amount of inventory, housing prices have been driven down.

That means investment property purchases and first-time home buying is on the rise. But future landlord or residential homes owners might be turned off by a property, even if the price is right. While foreclosures many monetary sense, often seeing the property in a state of disrepair is enough to cause cold feet.

What is a Foreclosure Property?

A foreclosure property is one that is in the process or has been repossessed by the mortgage lender. These properties generally sell 20 percent to 40 percent below market value. That means one good deal for the next owner.

Why Buy a Foreclosure?

Money isn’t the only reason. Often, the last occupants were in the home for many months before vacating it. During those months, they likely did not make any repairs or improvements. Because of this, the space falls into a state of disrepair. With no stock in the property, the former residents often ignore problems.

This is actually a plus for the next owner. How?

Because the properties are often sold at such a reduced rate, the new owners can “remake” the property. Customization is an instant reality. With that generally come many upgrades. The space will look as if it was just built.

Should I Clean Out a Foreclosure Myself?

No. There are many considerations when cleaning out a foreclosure property. As noted above, the previous owners likely did not maintain the property. By having professionals do the dirty work, insect infestations, mold problems or even asbestos will be uncovered.

There are many health risks associated with these types of clean ups. A professional cleaning service will be aware of each potential risk and have the ability to handle it. You should not risk exposure in order to save a little.

Why Not Hire a Trash Hauling Service?

Hauling services will face the same health problems as any other lay person. In addition, simply hiring hauling service won’t solve your problem. The property will remain dirty. It will remain in a state of disrepair. A trash hauling service will only pick up the debris. They will not give your property the deep cleaning it needs to be inhabitable.

What About Hiring a Contractor?

A contractor’s job is to tear out walls, tear up floors and tear down ceilings, then replace each one. Contractor’s are skilled tradesmen and don’t clean properties, they improve them. You’ll need someone to get the space ready for a contractor. Calling a contractor is putting the cart before the horse.

Cleaning foreclosure properties is a specialized job. You’ll need a company with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. If you are an investor or a new homeowner in need of such as service, please contact 1st Class Cleaning at to schedule a cleaning appointment today.

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