Floor Cleaning Service New York

Whether in your home or your corporate business place, finding a professional and thorough floor cleaning service can be a massive challenge. Appearance and quality upkeep are a necessary element for any location. Floors take the hardest of the daily grind and, unfortunately, are a very noticeable element, adding to the all around atmosphere of the place. Because of this rough wear and tear every day, the greatest care must be given to restore them to a luxurious shine and finished look.

Every room in your home or business requires this treatment, for each room has some material that makes up flooring. From the richness of wood flooring to tiling and marble, the right touch and know-how is necessary for accurate cleaning. Each floor type demands its own personal treatment and because of that, it is important to entrust the work to a company who knows how to do the job from start to finish. Contact 1st Class Cleaning NYC to learn about our specialty services to answer your floor cleaning needs.

The beauty of your architecture and décor will shine under our precise and faithful attention. We offer restorative and honing services, grout and tile cleaning, waxing, sealing, and high-speed polishing for a quick and thorough finish. We eliminate ugly grout staining with steadfast steam cleaning measures. Carpets are loosed of their parasitic dust mite friends and clingy splotches after a swift go-over from our high tech carpet cleaning equipment. Your rugs will look and feel like new again. Those nicks and scratched that have become eyesores in the wood and marble can be cleaned and bandaged to a beautiful glimmer again. Frequent and meticulous maintenance can help protect and preserve your beautiful wood flooring so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

From beginning on to the finished product, our well trained and professional crew will make sure you receive satisfaction in the end results. Professionalism often means seeing a job through to the end, with the customer’s desires always at heart. Halfway cleaning jobs are not an option when everyday life requires you to keep things flowing smoothly and rapidly. Luckily, our staff has prepared its members to meet your most demanding needs with excellence and dedication to every detail. If you have a concern before, during, or after a job has been completed, we are happy to discuss your needs and find an agreeable solution.

We use the best in quality cleaning supplies because we know you value your property and demand the finest. We are unique in the fact that after our responsibilities are performed and tied up, we allow you to keep our valuable organic cleaning supplies for future touch up use! This is included in your upfront service fee, so you are really receiving an excellent bonus.

We want the best for your floors and for you. With our services, your home or business will be left stunningly clean and polished to a gleam, and we hope you will be 100% content with our complete service. Contact 1st Class Cleaning and allow us to serve you today!

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