Caring for Hardwood and Bamboo Flooring

Hardwood and bamboo flooring can be gorgeous additions to any home. Caring for these specialty floorings takes a little know-how and hard work, but it will make these gorgeous floors last you for many years. Learning to take care of these types of floors will benefit the quality and value of your home. Be sure to learn the various ways of caring for these types of floorings and you will be rewarded.

Bamboo flooring takes a little different work than regular hardwoods. First, bamboo flooring is a bit softer than hardwood flooring. This means that bamboo flooring has the ability to scuff more easily, and care should be taken when sanding the bamboo. Still bamboo flooring is very stable and versatile, and works well in any place you would put a hardwood floor. The general care of bamboo is essentially the same as it is for any other hardwood flooring.

Regular maintenance to any bamboo or hardwood floor will greatly help it stay beautiful for its entire life. Be sure to do periodic dustings and cleanings of your hardwood and bamboo floors. Proper maintenance of these types of flooring will help keep them shiny and scuff free. Use a clean fiber broom to clean the dirt that accumulates on your hardwood or bamboo flooring. You can use your vacuum to clean up large amounts of dirt if necessary. Anything such as food, liquid spills, or other sticky substances should be removed with a wet soft cloth. Any excess water should be cleaned up immediately as this can harm the surface of your flooring. If needed, you can use a high quality floor mop, however it is not recommended to expose your flooring to too much water.

Direct sunlight exposure can lead to color changes. It is recommended to put mats at entrances and anywhere sunlight may shine for most of the day. Not only does this keep the dirt from building up on the floor, but it also keeps the floor from becoming discolored.

Any furniture used on your hardwood or bamboo flooring should have pads to protect the floor from scratches. If you need to move the furniture, be sure to utilize protective fabric or pads so it will not scuff the floor and leave hard to remove marks.

If needed, your hardwood or bamboo flooring can be lightly sanded and a new polyurethane coating can be placed upon it. This is when it has a really bad stain or scuffing that cannot be cleaned or repaired by regular methods. You should use a solvent based urethane instead of a water based one for the best results and apply with a wool pad.

Some hardwoods have a waxed floor that must be cleaned with a waxing agent that is able to remove dirt from the wood. This cleaning and waxing solution also provides a fresh coat of wax to hardwood floors to keep their shine and protect them from scratching and scuffing.

Whatever type of floor you have, either hardwood or bamboo, taking the best care of your flooring will make it last for many years and allow it to keeps its shine and beauty. Take good care of your bamboo and hardwood floors for the best looking home.

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