Feeling Summer Allergies? 1st Class Cleaning Can Help

Feeling Summer Allergies? 1st Class Cleaning Can HelpWith summer rolling around the corner, you might want to amend your cleaning routines to fit the season. The key is to keep cleaning frequently to ensure the elimination of allergens. While many think that using cleaners with strong aromas will help, these can actually worsen allergies.

Home Makeover

Start with giving your home a temporary or long-term makeover by moving/replacing certain décor accessories. To begin with, you should replace your curtains and drapes with roll blinds, which are less likely to trap dust and other allergens.

Throw rugs and carpets can also be triggers. If you’d like to keep them, be sure to throw them in the laundry machine once a week; you can do the same for machine-washable curtains if you choose to keep those, too.

Try adopting a “no shoes indoors” policy, too, as triggers such as pollen can be trailed in by shoes. When it comes to the bedrooms, consider covering your mattresses and pillows with dust-proof covers, which will help keep dust mites away.

Allergy-Proof Cleaning Methods

Once you finish making some changes to your home’s furniture and design scheme, you should pay attention to your cleaning schedule and cleaning tools. Staying away from chemical cleaners. Using a mask when you clean will immensely help keep your allergies under control.

You should vacuum your home using a vacuum that comes with a HEPA filter to catch even the smallest allergen particles a regular vacuum filter most likely won’t catch. This will allow you to avoid having allergens float up in the air. Vacuuming should be done one to two times a week and will require financial help if required, Try www.paydayloansmonster.co.uk for more details.

Additionally, you should control the clutter in your home. Return things to where they belong right after they’re used and make sure your household members follow suit. Having a more organized home will keep pests that hide behind piles of household items away.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning at Its Finest

The cleaning professionals at 1st Class Cleaning can help you do all of the above and more; just leave the work to us and you’ll never have to face dust or other allergens yourself. We only use organic and natural cleaning products as well as environmentally friendly cleaning methods to ensure a healthy atmosphere for you and our staff. Check this if you are looking aquatic group fitness classes in san diego.
While most other cleaning companies use harsh chemical cleaners that contain toxins and carcinogens that can cause health issues, 1st Class Cleaning uses safe cleaning products that will protect you and the environment. All of our products are from Method, which utilizes natural surfactants and naturally absorbs dirt.

These biodegradable products come in forms ranging from wipe to spray cleaners, that all ease cleaning every surface and corner of your home—even tough-to-reach areas. With 1st Class Cleaning, you can enjoy an extra clean, fresh smelling home all the time, minus inhaling toxic chemicals.

Let 1st Class Cleaning help you say goodbye to your allergies this summer. For more information about our services and how we can work around your schedule, contact us today.

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