Express Party Clean Up Service in New Jersey

Express Party Clean Up Service in New JerseyIt’s not often that real life compares to the movies, but after waking up on your living room floor and surveying the devastation around you, it’s hard not to see your party’s resemblance to “The Hangover”.

How did the blender end up in the pool? Where is your coffee table? And most importantly, why are there faces penned in permanent marker on all of your condiments? There may not be a tiger in your bathroom, but with your parents coming home from vacation this afternoon, it’s going to take more than a simple clean up to solve this mess.

Tale as Old as Time

Ever since humans discovered that large social gatherings are effective means of relieving stress, parties have been a mainstay of human culture. From the ancient Roman heathens to the modern urban socialites, spending copious amounts of time and money on getting weird is as a natural as breathing.

New Jersey is far from the exception to this rule; if partying had stock, Jersey would be rolling in it. The reason “Jersey Shore” has become such a pop culture icon is because few people know how to throw down and have a good time like Jerseyans. With a work hard/play hard mentality, the residents of New Jersey provide the back bone to one of the most powerful cities in the world, while still knowing how to live life to the fullest.

Side Effects

At the end of the party, when the food is eaten, the drinks are consumed, and the people are gone (or asleep), there remains one more factor: the mess. A consequence of any good party is a house that needs some serious attention; the size of the party is usually directly proportional to the size of the mess. The only question left is, who’s going to clean that mess up?

You’re tired from a long night of fun, and the last thing you want to do is spend the day reorganizing your life, but you also can’t let the mess just sit around and fester. If you can’t clean it up, then who can?

Calling in the Cavalry

It was an epic party with an epic mess to follow, and now you need some particularly epic cleaning to get the job done. We aren’t just talking about throwing your stuff in the closet for another day; we’re talking about bringing in the professionals.

When it comes to cleaning, few companies are as professional or as thorough as 1st Class Cleaning. Based in New York City, our team has the experience and toughness to handle even the dirtiest of settings. Office party get out of hand? No problem. House party turned into anarchy? Bring it on. We welcome the challenge of tackling your troubles, and by the time we are finished, there will be no evidence of the debauchery that occurred mere hours before.

So whether you are preparing for a family visit for the holidays, or just tired of living in the mess generated by your Thanksgiving shenanigans, log onto today, and see why our post party cleanup is unrivaled!

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