Event Cleaning Services Woodhaven, NY

event cleaning services woodhavenWould you like for your home to be spotless, but just don’t have the time to devote to keeping it clean all the time? Then it’s time to call 1st Class Cleaning! 1st Class Cleaning provides quality cleaning services, including maid services, window cleaning and construction cleanup to clients in the metro New York area. We currently have clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and New York City. All of our employees are trained professionals, and are bonded and insured. When our housekeepers arrive at your home, they will bring all the necessary supplies. They treat each customer with respect and will tailor the job to meet your specific needs.

Our housekeepers always use Method Organic Cleaning Products. These products are environmentally friendly and less harsh than traditional cleaning products. You will be sure to notice a difference. I would also recommend our Allergy Cleaning Treatment to our clients who suffer from allergies or have pets in the home. We apply a special Allergy Relief Treatment to the carpets, furniture and mattresses while cleaning. This service comes with a full service guarantee if you do not have a noticeable improvement in allergy conditions within 3 days of the treatment. Although you do not have to be home while our housekeepers are cleaning your home, we would like for you to meet the housekeeper on the initial visit so that you can discuss any specific needs you may have and share with them your expectations.

In addition to our home cleaning, we also offer corporate services. We clean offices, stores, restaurants, industrial kitchens, schools, churches, theaters, financial institutions, warehouses, factories, construction sites, etc. We will work around your schedule, and would be glad to come by your workplace and give you a free estimate at your convenience. Our general office cleaning routine includes dusting and disinfecting desks, furniture surfaces, keyboards, phones, printers and fax machines; cleaning glass surfaces throughout; cleaning all restrooms and common areas; vacuuming carpeted areas and mopping hard floors; removal of trash; as well as any special requests made by the client. All of our cleaning products are Green Seal approved. We also use hypoallergenic HEPA filters in our vacuums.

We also specialize in construction cleanup. Construction sites are often the most difficult to clean. We use a dry steaming system to clean these sites in order to achieve the highest quality available. When cleaning a construction site, we do a very thorough job. We remove labels off of any new fixtures, wipe down all the walls and other surfaces, polish chrome fixtures and porcelain surfaces, remove paint or plaster than may have been overlooked, vacuum floors and window tracts and vacuum out all heating and cooling ducts.

Additional information on all of the cleaning services we offer, can be found on our website. There is also an estimate form you can fill out to request a cleaning estimate for your home or business. Don’t hesitate to contact 1st Class Cleaning today to schedule a cleaning appointment today.


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