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Event Cleaning Services AstoriaImagine for just a moment your house on a regular day. Probably laundry that hasn’t been folded, red sauce stuck to the kitchen counter, trash spewing out of the canister, and you have exactly 30 seconds to get out the door to start your day. Naturally the house is the same when you return and you still don’t have time to clean it up before an event because you have to get dinner ready, eat, and leave again in 40 minutes. Now picture your home with knick-knacks in their places, clothes in the closets, dishes in the cabinets, and freshly cleaned surfaces. Do you want your home to go through this transformation before hosting without having to lift a finger? Then you need cleaning services. You deserve cleaning services.

Now you want to start looking for a cleaning service, but you don’t know where to start. What makes the difference between a successful business and a business? Customer service. Anyone can do a “good job” or offer you a “good deal” but at the end of the day, is that what will keep you loyal to a company? No. You want the guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we would be back to fix it until you are completely satisfied. That is our policy at 1st Class Cleaning. If you feel our cleaning services aren’t up to spec, we will return to re-clean the areas you are not completely happy with at no additional cost and we won’t ask you any questions. Just give us a call and your house will be exactly what you want. We take to heart that the customer is always right.

In addition to providing you with the peace of mind your house will be cleaned according to your standards, we care about the environment. We practice green cleaning and use Method® products on all of our jobs. Method® is made with naturally derived surfactants. Instead of degrading dirt with chemicals, these products absorb the dirt. You also have the comfort that your health is preserved after a cleaning session because we use green products. Especially if you have little ones, you don’t need to fear there are any hazardous surfaces in your home, which needs to be wiped down. Many of our competitors don’t care about your health; they just want to get your house cleaned as quickly and cheaply as possible. At 1st Class Cleaning we value you as a person, as well as a customer.

Still not convinced green products are necessary? Maybe some facts will change your mind. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Household Products Database online, even mild exposure to vapors from ammonia cleaners can cause nose and throat irritations, sneezing, and coughing. A heavier exposure to products containing ammonia can result in respiratory irritation, difficulty breathing, and pulmonary edema. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services rates this chemical on a scale from 0-4 as a 3, meaning serious. The scary part is that the long term effects of this cleaner are unknown. That’s just one of many products another cleaning service may use to clean your home. Do you want to put the future health of yourself and your family in the hands of an unknown variable from products manufactured by companies just trying to make a profit? We don’t. Which is why we make green cleaning a priority at 1st Class Cleaning. We want healthy return customers, not just a quick profit.

If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, we offer cleaning services that cater to your specific needs. We clean your home and then go a step further and treat the home with natural products. Pet dander can add to the problem as well, and we offer regular cleaning and treatment of furnishings where a lot of the pet dander accumulates. We use the Allergy Relief Treatment with natural ingredients, which neutralizes the protein found in dust mite feces. Allergy sufferers will notice an immediate change after we treat the home. Outside there is enough outside of your control that you should be able to breathe comfortable in your own home. Check out our Allergy Relief Treatment now at www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com.

Now you may be curious how long it may take a professional to clean your home. The typical studio takes about three hours to clean which costs $99.95. The typical 1 bedroom apartment takes about four hours to clean coming to $129.95. Included in this price is standard cleaning and sanitizing of all rooms. If you prefer a deep clean, such as cleaning blinds or the inside of the oven, then that can be scheduled as well. If you would prefer premium-cleaning services, you can specify your most important cleaning priorities with your own personal housekeeper at just $30.00/hour. This will help you get some projects done that you just can’t seem to get around to. We also offer services for chores you just don’t have time to do such as closet organizing, cleaning windows, laundry, packing or unpacking, and deep cleaning. Whatever your needs, we can take care of them!

You may be thinking excellent customer service and green cleaning products are great, but you don’t need a cleaning service? Just think for a moment what a relief it would be not having to worry about cleaning house. A busy schedule full of work, family, paying bills, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, and the occasional night out don’t lend time for a hobby. Always wanted to learn a second language? Escape to Paris for a romantic weekend? Join a sports team? Or at the very least, do you want to workout regularly? Taking cleaning out of your daily routine could be the key to freeing up just enough time to make your hobby part of a typical day. Let 1st Class Cleaning worry about the dust and grime so you can take on your real priorities in life. Contact us today and schedule a cleaning appointment!


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