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Everyone knows that the biggest hassle with planning an event is setting up and cleaning up.  Instead of enjoying your party, function, dinner or special occasion, you often end up worrying about the preparation and presentation required for the event.  Don’t you wish you could eliminate the tedious part so that you can plan and implement the part of the party that really matters…the fun?


How to Find the Right Match

Finding the right cleaning service to suit your specific needs is essential.  You need a company that provides services that are tailor-made for you and the type of event you are hosting.  One size does not fit all when it comes to a professional cleaning company.  You will first want to understand the details of their policies and procedures before you invite them to be a crucial part of your special event.


Reputation: Reputation is everything.  Determining if a cleaning service is credible can prevent

mishaps later on.  Reading reviews may be able to give you a better understanding of how a cleaning service is received by the public.  Make sure that you note the number of positive and negative remarks and how long ago they were posted.  1st Class Cleaning is licensed and insured, providing protection for you and its’ employees.


Policies: Researching the policies of a cleaning service should not be taken lightly, as this can

affect your professional relationship, should you decide to move forward with them.  The way that a company is ran and operated says a lot about the quality of the service you will be provided.  Verifying that the company’s employees are free of questionable backgrounds could weed out companies that are prone to theft.  If you are unhappy with the service rendered, are you able to voice your concern and receive positive feedback or compensation?  1st Class Cleaning ensures that all of their employees are trustworthy, offering you peace of mind.  If a service is not up to your standard, the company will clean it again at no charge to you.


Services: The size and scope of your event may not be one that every cleaning service can

handle.  Before and after your event, 1st Class Cleaning can do a variety of cleaning services including: sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets and rugs, cleaning windows and mirrors, dusting furniture, disinfecting surfaces, cleaning bathrooms and removing trash.  1st Class Cleaning is able to provide you with superior cleaning service regardless of the size of your guest list or square footage of your event space.



You can relax knowing that 1st Class Cleaning is able to take care of you and your event cleaning needs.  Planning and executing an event can be tedious.  Focusing on cleaning only makes this even more chaotic and demanding.  From birthdays to funerals, weddings and even corporate meetings, hiring the right company to do the cleaning can be a life saver.  A company like 1st Class Cleaning makes each of your events their main concern.  If you would like to remove some of the stress from your New York City social or corporate event, go to www.1stclasscleaningNYC.com today!

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