Event Cleaning Company in New York City

When you havEvent Cleaning Company in New York Citye a major event planned, you want everything to be perfect. This means that you are looking for a clean environment for your guests, and you will probably need help with the clean-up afterward. Hire a cleaning company that can help you with both tasks. Your event will run smoothly, and you will have less stress on your shoulders both before and after the big day.

What Will You Spend Your Time On?

Whether you are planning a charity ball, a dinner for friends or a wedding, you want the event location to be clean and look great. In addition to dealing with the menu and decorations, do you really want to spend your time scrubbing floors and polishing furniture? Your time is better spent double checking the guest list, confirming information with the caterer and handling any last-minute crisis. Let us handle the cleaning, and you can check this chore off your list.

Detailed Cleaning from Top to Bottom

You never can tell where a guest will decide to look. When a party is at home, you can close the shower curtain, but someone might open it to see how clean the shower is. It may be rude, but plenty of guests have swiped a finger across the top of a doorframe to see if it was neat and tidy. The scariest part is that they may not say anything about their findings to you, but it still makes an impression on them. Make sure it’s the right impression by choosing cleaners who will do a detailed cleaning from top to bottom. We don’t just polish the furniture that will be used, we also clean the little-seen corners, tops of doorframes and other places where dust likes to gather and have its own party.

Peripheral Areas

In addition to cleaning the main event area, the peripheral areas also need to be given the white glove treatment and inspection. This includes any restroom facilities, entry areas and adjacent rooms that guests may wander into. If you will have a smoking area for guests, that should be scrubbed and set up with ashtrays.

Returning to Normal

Once we clean an area and make it ready for the decorators, it will be ready for your guests to enjoy it. When they leave, however, the entire area has to be returned to normal. Whether you have rented a hall, the gathering is at a local park or you chose to host it in your own home, you need the area cleaned and restored. We will remove the trash, put away the extra furniture and put the event site back to pre-event condition. The only difference will be that the site will be cleaner when we leave than it was when we started.

When you are hosting an event, trust experienced cleaners to help you prepare. With our services, you can focus on other important tasks while we take care of the cleaning, scrubbing and polishing. After the guests go home, you can count on us to clean the area and put it back to pre-event condition. Visit 1st Class Cleaning today to discover how we can help you prepare for your next event.

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