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Many of us suffer from allergies and cannot use cleaning products that contain too many chemicals. For example Clorox, Lysol, Windex, or Ajax these are all cleaning products that many are allergic to and that are dangerous to have around children and the strong smell that they have can be damaging if children were to inhale it. The good news is that there are new cleaning products that are organic and their smell is pleasant and healthy at same time. These new organic cleaning products are known as Method products.

Method products are made with naturally-derived surfactants. It works by absorbing dirt rather than chemically degrading it. Method is a biodegradable so you can clean your home without flushing super-toxic chemicals down the drain into our rivers, lakes and oceans. With these organic products you could have a clean home that smells chemical free. The best thing is that they have a different organic product to clean different items. They also have a diverse scent of smells to choose from. You decide the smell you want to have after cleaning your home with Method products. The following list gives an area or item you may want to clean and the method product that should be used to clean that area or item.

Bathroom – Tub and Tile Spray
Your bathroom is a place that must be sanitized! Your body is completely exposed when you are in your bath tub and the tub is a place where there can be mold if you don’t clean and sanitize your tub regularly. If you’re unable to clean your bathroom due to being allergic to bleach or ammonia based cleaning products you should definitely go green. Tub and tile spray will leave your bathroom without any molds and smelling great and chemical free. The tub and tile spray contains a biodegradable formula leaves nasty toxins behind and removes soap sum and hard water stains. If you want to be healthy in your own home cleaning your bathroom with tub and tile spray is the best way to start.

Mint Window Wash
There are so many window cleaning products out there and some do the job, but those that do the job have a strong chemical smell that not everyone enjoys. Method has a window cleaning product called “Mint Window Wash”. This window cleaning product leaves your windows looking as good mirrors. Not only will you have streak-free windows but it has a great mint scent. “Mint Window Wash” is fabulous product for those who love streak-free windows and a minty scent.

Wood for Good Wipes
Method came up with a great product for dusting wood. They came up with “Wood Wipes” these wipes leave your wood as good as new and you do not have to keep spraying into a paper towel. It is easier to go around with two or three wipes and dusting your home than a roll of paper towels and dusting spray. These wipes have a non-wax formula that contains a cleansing conditioner that leaves no residue and brings wood back to life making look brand new. “Wood Wipes” also leaves a delicious fresh almond scent behind as you dust that will make you want to eat your wood!

Mop Wood for Good Almond Non-Toxic Floor cleaner
This method product for wood contains the same almond scent as the “Wood Wipes” the difference is that this product is for your floor. It leaves your wood floor sparkling. The best quality of this product is that it’s also a non-wax formula that is non-toxic. It’s almost hard to believe that this product is organic, chemicals free and so efficient. Murphy might also do the job but its can be harmful for your family.

Aroma Pill
Sometimes there may be odors in your home that are not welcome but the problem is that you are approaching to kill them with the wrong products. The “Method Aroma Pill” is a device that you plug into an electrical socket and it kills all the bad odors that may be in your home. It works like a molecular coercion. Your home will smell good in no time all you need is the aroma pill and a socket.

Leather Wipes
It’s always hard to find products to clean your leather couches. With leather wipes you can renew its shine with these biodegradable wipes. All you have to do is run a leather wipe over your car seat, jacket, luggage or furniture and they will look amazing. With leather wipes you can clean anything made out of leather to make look brand new.

Granite + Marble Cleaner
Many people have furniture or a kitchen made out of marble and only clean it with water because they don’t know of a product that clean granite or marble. Well, Method does have a product that will leave your granite or marble steak-free. This product makes it shine and smells good at the same time.

Stainless Steel Cleaner + Polish
Stainless is great because it doesn’t get corroded or rusty but sometime its does get dirty. At time when it does get dirty it’s good to it with the “Stainless Steel Cleaner”. This method product cleans and polishes stainless steel without streaking. What is also great is that it leaves behind a protective layer as you clean. Steel needs to be cleaned too and “Stainless Steel Cleaner” is the perfect product it with.

If you wish to have your home clean and healthy without having to use harmful cleaning products you should begin to use method products. It’s a smart move to make and that you won’t regret. Don’t waste anymore time, GO GREEN!

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