Emergency Cleaning Services in NYC

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services for NYC ResidentsKeeping your home looking great can be a challenge, particularly when you have kids and an active calendar. You probably don’t have all day to scrub the toilets and clean the kitchen counters, but you still try to make time on the weekends to give the house a good cleaning. However, there are emergency situations when you need the house cleaned right away but just don’t have the time or energy. What can you do during this crazy moments when your house needs more attention than you can give it?

The Flight of the Bumblebee

We’ve all had those moments when your find out someone is going to stop by — and the house looks like a tornado hit. Most of us have even resorted to grabbing a laundry basket, putting the misplaced items in it, and then shoving it in a bedroom.

The biggest challenge with the stash and dash is getting everything out of the basket later and back in the proper place. One way to avoid these last-minute challenges and overflowing baskets is to establish a good cleaning schedule for the home, or call professionals for same-day service.

The Party’s This Weekend?

Time has a way of getting ahead of you, and it seems worse when you have a big event at your home. Whether it’s the annual holiday party or just an intimate gathering with friends, it’s quite common for people to lose track of the days and weeks leading up to the party.

If you’ve checked the calendar and realized that the party is this weekend, then you might want to consider turning to outside sources for help with the cleaning. While you may know that 1st Class Cleaning offers recurring appointments, we’re also happy to offer one-time cleaning sessions for these emergency situations. While we scrub the house and shine your windows, you can focus on the cooking, decorating and other tasks.

The Post-Party Recovery

Another challenge of hosting a party at your house is cleaning everything up the next day. You’re exhausted from staying up late from friends, and now you’re looking at a mountain of dishes, a mystery stain on the carpet, and there’s something suspicious on the bathroom shower curtain. Uh oh.

Make professional post-party cleanup part of the budget and schedule your services ahead of time. If you forget to make the appointment, that’s okay. You can still call us for emergency assistance.

Overtime Disadvantages

Putting in long hours at work can help you boost your career and your earnings, but it can also leave your home looking as tired as you feel. The problem is that a messy home contributes to high stress levels — and that’s the last thing you need when you’re working extra hours. Rather than stressing yourself out more trying to clean the house, just call us for emergency assistance and we’ll take care of it for you.

With our team by your side, you can have a clean home without lifting a finger. It’s the perfect solution for post-construction cleanup, unexpected visitors, and post-party disasters. We’re available seven days a week, so call 1st Class Cleaning at 800-309-7881 to schedule your appointment or ask for emergency cleaning services.

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