Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services in New York

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services in New YorkEco-Friendly House Cleaning Services in New York

On a planet as beautiful as ours, nothing beats the feeling of fresh air, clear skies, and clean water. Being environmentally friendly isn’t just a choice, it’s an obligation; we are the custodians of Earth, and every person’s impact can make a difference. Changing daily habits and consumption could have major effects down the road, despite being hard to gauge now.

One way to improve environmental impact is through the supplies used to clean your home. From windows to floors, bathtubs to toilets, there are a dozen different cleaners for every surface and every appliance. Many of these cleaners, however, are harmful to the environment; most will get washed down a drain or gutter, where they will be swept into the local waterway, damaging all the life that depends upon that water.

Lacking Chemistry

It should come as no surprise the chemicals that break down and eat away the dirt on our floors does similar damage to organic life. What effect are these solvents having on you and your family? While no causation has been proven, it is only logical to think that these chemicals would be as harmful to humans as they are to other life. When there are other, safer options available, cleaning with harmful substances just isn’t worth the risk.

Environmental Activist

At 1st Class Cleaning, we believe that protecting the environment is something all companies should believe in, and we practice what we preach. Using healthy, environmentally safe products purchased from Method®, our team has become a leader in the field of natural cleaning services. These products don’t break down and dissolve the dirt, but absorb it, cleaning the surface while being easy to wipe away. Furthermore, our products are biodegradable; rinsing them down the drain will not do any damage to the ecosystems they will enter.

Any Surface, Any Time

Our team of cleaning experts has experience treating all types of messes in every corner of the house. Whether you need one room tidied up or an entire shake down of your 5 bedroom home, our team knows how to handle the dirt, while still being friendly to the environment.

Many people claim that environmentally cleaners don’t get the job done. At 1st Class Cleaning, we beg to differ; we have been specializing in green cleaning since our founding in 2005, and our satisfied clients and repeat customers speak for themselves. Our all natural methods will not only effectively clean your home, but will leave you wondering why you hadn’t switched to all natural methods sooner.

1st Class Cleaning, First Class Service

If you are looking for a company that will not only provide spectacular cleaning with environmentally friendly products, but will also treat you with the respect and courtesy every person deserves, look no further than 1st Class Cleaning. Our dedication to our customers means that we care as much for your feelings as we do for your health. Your family will not only be safe from harmful chemicals, but will be comfortable and relaxed in your freshly cleaned home.

To read testimonials from our customers, as well as to learn more information about our green cleaning services, log onto today. Let us help you get started in a healthier and cleaner lifestyle!

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